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Posted On December 4, 2019

Man. How many Pinterest pins, articles, videos and websites start with that line? What if you actually could make more money, but more importantly fulfill a promise all at the same time?

For years like many couples, my husband and I fought about money. We had one thing in common. How to overspend it! Money was just a hot topic for us. One particular money topic was the hottest. Tithing. I wanted to tithe, and my husband couldn’t see how we could possibly afford to give more when we were drowning in debt. On top of that, we own two small businesses and we did not know how to tithe without a fixed income. Turns out there wasn’t a ton of info on how to tithe as a small business owner. I found that most experts say to tithe off of your take-home pay. I decided I wanted to tithe straight off the top. We work with clients. So, when we work with our clients on our work days, they pay us. I found that if every morning after my Bible study time, I meet with our bank account. The first thing I do is add up how much we made, multiply it by.10 (10%) and put that money into a safe account where Saturday morning I make my offering to our church electronically. By doing it daily, it reminds me that this is not “My” or even “Our” money. It is 100% Gods.

No. God does not NEED our money, but He did command us to give him the first 10%. So, if I don’t Tithe, it absolutely means I am sinning against God and being disobedient. That is a chance I was no longer willing to take. Not even for my husband. (Who thankfully The Lord has brought on board)


Malachi 3:10-11New International Version (NIV)


10 Bring the whole tithe into the storehouse, that there may be food in my house. Test me in this,” says the Lord Almighty, “and see if I will not throw open the floodgates of heaven and pour out so much blessing that there will not be room enough to store it. 11 I will prevent pests from devouring your crops, and the vines in your fields will not drop their fruit before it is ripe,” says the Lord Almighty.


How cool is that? Seriously? The God of ALL The Universe is challenging you to test Him! For a blessing!!! A BLESSING! He LOVES us. Like any GOOD parent, He wants to bless His children.


Many people have a problem giving to their church. The truth is you are giving to God THROUGH your church. If you can’t trust that your church will be good stewards of Gods money, well, truthfully…find another church! Honestly. Think about it. If you think the leadership is untrustworthy, then why would you even go there? Besides, God asks for your first fruits. He will deal with anyone who misuses your hard earned wages.


So, we started to tithe. I mean REALLY do it right. Guess what. EVERY month, there is more than enough. Most of the married lives there was either not enough or just enough. (Grant you we had a massive overspending problem, but that was another sin area of my life The Lord showed me.) Honest to goodness. More than enough. And from sources that are completely unexpected. New clients. Old clients pop up after years. Small little refund checks, and new business opportunities. Now don’t get me wrong. We have only been at this thing for a couple of years. We still have months that I worry (yes I STILL do that now and again) that we won’t have enough. But, as you already know, God is not capable of lying, so, we do! I think God is still teaching me to trust in His capabilities not my own. He loves to wow me!!


The difference between Tithing and Giving


“I for years said we GIVE a lot, that’s how we tithe.” This is how I justified my disobedience in tithing. God loves a cheerful giver! We will have rewards in heaven forgiving. Tithing is a COMMAND. If every Christian rich, poor and everything in between tithed, I know that there would be less starving babies in the world. Less sex trafficking. Less homeless. Fewer churches closing down. Less despair. More resources. More light. More love of God shining in the dark spots.


I challenge you to test God in your finances. It’s the one area He gives us permission! Pray first. Admit it if you have been disobedient. Ask for God to forgive your misuse of His money and turn and DO the right thing.


By the way, if you know anything about business, tithing off the very top BEFORE expenses takes faith. This is how I felt lead to Tithe. I’m not saying it is for everyone. Most Christian finance experts agree with tithing off your pay. It doesn’t make it better or worse. I wanted to dedicate my businesses to God that is why I chose this direction. Either way. Do what you CAN do and God will do the rest.



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