Traits of Successful People

Tips to help stay on track this week and Traits of Successful People


  • Establish a daily routine and stick to it. – People who succeed know what they are doing ahead of time. There is a plan. Every morning, they have a routine and they do it without fail to better their lives.
  • If you slip up, don’t quit!- And we WILL! It’s ok! I promise. Simply recognize that you missed the mark and aim again.
  • Commit to living as you have already succeeded- The way you think, talk, take care of yourself, dress, and speak should be in tune with the person you are becoming. Cut the negative self-talk and thinking. 
  • Don’t make excuses!- You are not a victim. Even if you have had a horrific past, you are not your past. Live for today. Focus on now. You CAN do this!!

Sleep, Water, Exercise

  • Go to Bed Early- Successful people have a Nightly Routine. They realize that picking out their outfit for the next day and planning what they need to accomplish will bring success. They know that going to bed early will set them up for success tomorrow.
  • Wake up EARLY- ( I know I lost half of you here) Pick a time, but make it early. Successful people do not sleep half the day away. They get up and get to work. They value the day in front of them and they use it wisely. (Whether they FEEL like it or not) They push through and do it anyway.
  • Drink a full glass of water before your coffee (You have become super dehydrated overnight, and that will make you exhausted) Hydrate those cells!
  • Exercise– Have to admit. I hate it. BUT. It is too good for us. If you don’t exercise now, start with 10 minutes a day. Seriously. Ten will lead to 15 and 15 to 20 and so on.
  • Give up negative everything– people, images, and music. Replace with positive people who encourage and love you, happy images and music.

More Successful Traits

  • Learn!! Learn a lot. Read. Watch and listen to motivational people, TED Talk, and sermons. Do this while you cook dinner for the family, driving in your car, showering for work, folding laundry. These tasks have to be done anyway. Why not turn it into focused learning for your Goals?
  • Eat well. Treat your body well so it doesn’t break down from neglect. No one is forcing you to eat highly processed or chemically induced food. BUT. The very wealthy companies will be more than happy to get you addicted to them. Learn how to break your carb and sugar addictions. There are a million different pieces of advice on this. Think about it. Is a highly processed cookie going to give you the same fuel for your mind and body as a chemical-free organic apple? Absolutely not. Just like drugs your sugar will start to plummet. 15-20 minutes after that cookie, you will need your fix for more sugar. The apple will give you a feeling of satisfaction and keep you full for some time.
  • Sleep well. This is a tough one for most people. Go to the Good Health section and start incorporating some of the ideas to help you sleep better.

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