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The Good Difference Planner

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Taking life one day at a time, on purpose, and aiming to be the good that makes the difference
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Daily and Weekly Planner


There are many different planners out there, and I am pretty sure I have tried every one them! What I have created for you is a simple and effective Daily Planner and Weekly Planner. I have learned in my trials of the Great Planner Debate that is over complicating is definitely not productive. I have included what has been most effective in completing my tasks. Because, like most of you, I have a job, a family, a household with a rather large yard.

I work from home, so I find it best if I have everything contained in one planning sheet per day. I like to work on a half-hour schedule but feel free to adapt to what works for you. I also started it at 5 am, and it is completely ok if you start later. I included water intake because I know how important this task is for our bodies as well as our brain function. I feel the same about nature. Try to get outside a little each day. It’s good for the soul! Gratitude is essential to me because if I do not acknowledge what I am thankful for, I find I get cranky and selfish.

The Good Difference Planning Pages


Lastly. The smiley, neutral and sad faces are a simple way to acknowledge our moods. Mental health is so crucial to our overall success. Do not feel ashamed if you have bad days for weeks. Acknowledge them and know that tomorrow brings the greatest gift God has given us; a doover. You are ok! So often we get so used to going through the motions and telling everyone we are great, when in fact, we are afraid of vulnerability. Friend, own your moods. If you don’t like the trend you see day after day, maybe it’s time to be vulnerable with a loved one or a therapist.

To be a successful day is living it! Not just checking my to-do list. This is why I plan my day this way. Taking life one day at a time, on purpose, and aiming to be the good that makes the difference in my world.