The Benefits of Yoga for Men and Women

Benefits of Yoga for Men

Today I want you to consider adding yoga into your life if you are not already practicing.

I hope to convince you of the many benefits for both men and women. If you have been on the Pinterest block or any other social media form, you have more than likely seen some Yoga visual aids. Mostly very young women in their most expensive leggings and athletic bra performing acts could easily be mistaken for a Cirque de Soli stunt. Let me start by saying if this is you in one of these pictures, congratulations! No, this is not what I am talking about; I am referring to a daily practice that can change your life even in a minimal time of fifteen minutes a day.

** Ladies, don’t despair. I am going to start with the guys first. When it comes to yoga, there are so many benefits, as many of us know, but yoga is an area that is almost completely overlooked for men. Feel free to read over or pass along to your sons, husbands, brothers, fathers, or any other man you especially love and care about.
If not, just scroll through to the benefits of yoga for women section.

Before we get started, this was by far one of the most promising studies I came across for both men and women.

A Perspective on Yoga as a Preventive Strategy for Coronavirus Disease 2019

The Benefits of Yoga for Men

Your Posture

Whether you’re a guy who works hard all day doing construction or a guy stooped over at a desk, you probably find yourself in some sort of pain now and again. Yoga is excellent for stretching out sore muscles and make you stand tall again.

Your Energy

There are many different forms of yoga. The truth is at its simplest form, practicing in small amounts over time will increase your energy. Why? The most straightforward answer is “Bodies in motion stay in motion.” If you find yourself lacking energy due to not enough physical activity or age,

Yoga could be your new best friend.

Your Focus

The art of focus comes from practice. Every device that you can’t put down distracts you from doing work, spending time with loved ones, or conquering your dreams takes away from a quality life. By entirely focusing on yoga’s positions and how your body reacts to that particular pose, you are also training your brain to focus entirely. That is, of course, if you mute your phone and don’t try to check Instagram in the middle of downward dog. (Yoga Position guys)

Your Weight

Because yoga is primarily marketed to women willing to spend $300 on a Yoga outfit, the truth is a man initially started it. So. Don’t be duped that yoga is for sissies. It is not. It is very challenging and can light your metabolism on fire.

Your Workouts

If you are a hardcore weight-lifter, an ab cruncher, or a couch potato, yoga can help you. When weight-lifting is done consistently without proper stretching, the muscles contract tightly, but this can be tough on your joints over time. Yoga is an excellent way to possibly prevent future joint surgeries of knees, shoulders, and hips.

Your Stress Levels

It does more than your physical health. Yoga lowers blood pressure and heart rate. Practicing daily trains your body on how to respond to stress correctly. Let’s face it; it is easy to react quickly or overreact to minor situations. (Especially after a year like 2020). Training your body and focusing on the positions of Yoga help you learn to be present. It is a calm feeling to take throughout your whole day. The benefits of yoga for men will help your relationships with loved ones and co-workers.


The benefits of yoga for men go beyond far beyond the yoga mat.  Yoga does not contract muscles. It lengthens muscles and loosens joints, which is suitable for all the activities that require more flexibility. Let’s just leave it at that.

If I have convinced you that trying some yoga to see the benefits of yoga for men, here are some resources to get you started.

More Health Benefits of Yoga for Men

Men’s Health

More Inspiration!

Yoga with Adrienne and The Today Show. Yoga for REAL people.

Ok, guys. Are you fully convinced to start?

Start here!

I have two favorite yoga instructors Rodney Yee and Adriene Mischler.

Rodney Yee.

Yoga with Adriene.

**Talk to your doctor to approve new exercise activities.

The Benefits of Yoga for Women

(The Not So Obvious Ones)

Heart Health

Heart disease is the number one killer in women in the US. With 1 and 5 women dying from it.
New studies are showing that yoga practice can help prevent heart disease. Yoga is known to lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

Symptoms and causes of heart disease in women.

Reduce Stress

If you are like most women in America, you find yourself stressed out. Between being a wife, mother, working, schooling your kids virtually, and, let’s be honest,t just the overwhelming state of the world. If you don’t think you have time to exercise. Think again. Fifteen minutes of yoga could dramatically reduce your stress and make you a calmer, less reactive Super Woman.

Not to mention that fifteen minutes could keep you from developing heart disease.

Balance Hormones

Mild Rant. This is why I put the men first;)

Some things in life just are not fair! The fact that most women start their period at age twelve and have it EVERY Month for the next 40 years seems slightly unjust. (That’s approximately 480 periods) If you throw a couple of pregnancies in there and top it off with perimenopause followed by menopause, well, that is A LOT of hormones to balance. Women deal with mood swings, pain in breasts, cramps, bloating, fatigue… well, you know the rest. My point? Yes! Yoga can absolutely help with balancing hormones to some degree. (depending on the severity- you need to talk to your doctor)

Here are some videos to help from Yoga With Adriene.

Weight Loss

Many people think yoga is too gentle to be effective in aiding in weight loss. I have found that even modest amounts of yoga bring vitality to my body that day. I stand up straighter. I walk taller. I become very aware of the rest of my day what I am eating and drinking. This is not true on the days I skip yoga.

Increased Prayer Life

The benefits of yoga for women go beyond the physical. Most know that yoga started over 5,000 years ago. Its roots are in Hinduism. Many people still keep with those traditions. I do not. I use yoga as a tool to strengthen, lengthen, increase flexibility and decrease inflammation. Many yoga videos include traditional mantras. I, however, is rooted in Jesus. I simply keep my focus on him in my heart and mind during meditation. I get a lot of prayer time on the yoga mat. God knows my hearts’ intention.

So, I do not look at yoga as anything that contradicts my beliefs. I believe the same can be for all people. It is simply a way that truly makes me stronger physically to help people.

Anti Aging

Yoga benefits on so many levels, but one that I have especially found noteworthy is that women that practice it look younger than their age. Chronic stress ages us inside and out. There are a youthful glow and vitality to a woman that practices yoga. They generally smile more. Why? They are not letting stress consume them. And there are all kinds of good biological things happening in your cells and body during and after practicing yoga.

Yoga for Seniors

Yoga for Face

I am a huge fan of Yoga With Adrienne! She is not too hippy-dippy. She is yoga for the rest of us.

There is just about every yoga scenario for every ailment you may have on her YouTube channel. She even has 30-day challenges. You will love her. (And he sweet dog Benji)

This week’s Yoga homework.

Download Goal Daily Planning Work Sheet

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