Simple Ways to Increase Your Health NOW

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Simple Ways to Increase Your Health NOW


1.WATER The best free thing for your health

Ten reasons why you need to drink more water

1. More energy! 

Who doesn’t want more power? Water increases your strength. Do you know that brain fog you are experiencing? The main ingredient making up our brains is water. Is your mind dehydrated? Well- that’s a no brainer`. (Pun intended)

2.  It’s cheap!  

Yep. Go crazy. Get a (BPA free) reusable water bottle. Many chemicals are in the tap or even bottled water, invest in a good filter like Britta or Pur for your tap water. Anyone can put one on.

3.  Better skin

Yep, water can do that! It plumps up your skin and makes it supple. It and help heal acne. You will have better elasticity. It will keep your skin moisturized. Need I say more? Cheapest beauty routine you will have going for you.

4.  Boost your immunity 

Replacing most of your beverages with water will amp up your immune system to Super Hero levels. Water fights disease big and small.

5.  Removes toxins and viruses 

Water is one of the simplest ways to rid your body of all the toxins you have put into your body. Water is also the way we can rid the toxins that we can thank the environment for. Your friends will thank you. By removing toxins, it also helps with body odor. (That was a bonus- I said ten reasons. That is 11)

6.  Mood changer 

Go from Grumpy to Happy by drinking enough water. Yep, if your family finds you a little irritable lately…take a look at your water intake

7.  No more stinky breath

If your mouth is dry, you will have bad breath. A mint won’t cut it, but water will!

8. Cushy” joints

For all you in your twenty’s and early thirties. You may not know about this yet, but there is something called achy joints that will be visiting you soon. Water keeps your joints hydrated.

9.Got headaches? 

Could it be that simple…well, yes. Try increasing your water intake before you hit the medicine cabinet. You may be very surprised.

10. Weight Loss 

Yes, ladies, and gents. I have saved the best for last! Switch to water and see what happens. You will (believe it or not) feel like less of a slug in the late afternoon, and you will start losing weight. Many times we may think we are hungry, but we are dehydrated.

2. Watch POSITIVE things!

Do you feel depressed? Could what you are watching or listen to be the culprit?

A Great Mood Lifter

From TVs to phones. We have issues and addictions to screens. Screens have taken over our lives. They are great for many things! But like everything else, we need to find balance. We are missing our LIFE. Life is still here. It’s nearly impossible not to get swallowed up in despair during a pandemic with racism running ramped! BUT, There is a lot of GOOD still happening in the world! There are good people too. They seldom make the headlines.

If you find yourself completely overwhelmed and or depressed, go on a news fast. Quit cold turkey. It isn’t easy at first, but your joy will increase! You won’t miss anything. People will still tell you about the news, but you know what? It will be less stressful than SEEING it yourself.

Let’s be honest; most of us could use that time better doing something else like taking back our lives and helping others with theirs. The news especially sensationalized or with hidden agendas, can render us emotionally exhausted, which leads to physical exhaustion.

If you feel like your mental health is good, read the news once or twice a day and consider reading many sources. That way, you stay informed but not scared to death, and you get many views and find the truth somewhere in the middle. If you find depression kicking in, scale it back to twice a week or not at all for a while.

Black Lives Matter

The Black Lives Matter movement and the protests are near and dear to my heart.  I try to educate myself on this subject and the current events relating to it regularly. The same goes for COVID; it’s important to fact check where we stand with our state’s numbers a couple of times a week for our health and the health of our families. I do not feel overwhelmed but informed, sad too, of course, for the suffering of others, but by reading it without the yelling and hidden agendas, it tells me how to pray best and know where I may be able to volunteer help. If I look at it consistently throughout the day, I am useless.

There is NO shame if you are just SAD; I highly recommend a “news fast.” I have had to do this many times throughout my life to rebalance. The same goes for social media.

So, switch off talk radio and put on some of your favorite old jams! – or NEW jams. You can’t help but smile.

Try giving up violent TV and movies. There is A LOT of it out there. Take, for example, all the crime dramas. When did the violence start to become entertainment? Watch uplifting shows and movies. If you are not sure where to begin- When in doubt…Google! If you can not bring yourself to give up your dramas completely, that’s OK. Consider balancing them with funny shows that make you laugh out loud. Especially before bed. Can’t sleep? Or have broken sleep, even nightmares. Don’t watch depressing or scary things before bed! Especially the news:)


3. READ something!

Never stop learning
A book
There are MAJOR benefits to reading! Reading keeps your brain sharp and engaged. Reading can help fight off Alzheimer’s as well! Reading to relax’s you as well as enables you to sleep better. And for the record- Books are better than devices. A book engages you deeper in your reading. I still love a GOOD book store! (I also like a library.- It’s like free shopping) Enjoy them while we have them!


4. Go Outside

Don’t forget to breathe.


You don’t even have to do anything. Inhale some fresh air. Being in nature clears your lungs and supplies oxygen to your body’s cells. Being outside also increases your serotonin levels, which promote a better mood. (If you still watched the news- you would know we need people to be in better spirits!!) As if that were not enough good reasons? Keep inhaling all that good oxygen! It is increasing blood flow for heart health and promoting proper brain functionality. Tell me you are not convinced. AND I’m not even asking you to exercise. My favorite outdoor past times are catching rainbows when the weather calls for it and looking up at the sky. I am ahead in the clouds kind of person! If I am feeling energetic, you can catch me, weeding or gardening. Better yet. Feel free to sit in the grass and READ a book! That’s called Earthing or Grounding.



You are Grounded

Grounding or Earthing is proven to help your health in astounding ways.

Remember when you were a child, and you ran around in your bare feet? Grass between the toes and not a care in the world? It turns out there is science behind having your bare feet planted on the Earth. With all the devices we are connected to, such as cell phones, tablets, computers, TVs, and kids on video games, we are not connected to the Earth. In a relatively short amount of time, we surrounded by A LOT of electricity and EMFs. (Electromagnetic fields) Look around the room you are in. The conveniences that need the power to work. Don’t worry. I am not telling you to give them up. Let’s face it; the internet is a fantastic tool.

The simple act of going outside in your yard, or a park or your garden for just 20 minutes, is life-changing! Scientifically, it has been shown that by the mere Grounding of yourself can

reduce stress

improve sleep!

lessen PMS and menopausal symptoms

lessen anxiety

reverse disease

improve moods

and much more!!!


Don’t believe me? Read it from the experts!

I highly recommend reading this particular article

Grounding The Human Body The Healing Benefits Of Earthing is well written and confirmed by the great Deepak Chopra.

This does not work in the snow. If you are in a warm-weather area, you are very blessed to have Grounding convenience. For the rest of us, we can enjoy it Spring, Summer, and Fall. In the meantime, the link gives you some options to enjoy in your home.

5. Take a probiotic!

So I know there is nothing too glamorous about this one, but it is essential! One of the most amazing things you can do for your body is to get some bacteria in it! GOOD bacteria. You already have plenty of the yucky harmful bacteria in your gut. Almost every disease from small to big starts in your gut from harmful bacteria. Think of probiotics as Ms. Pac Man and the harmful bacteria as the ghost she is trying to munch. The benefits of taking a tiny little probiotic daily are astounding! Benefits of taking a probiotic are:


  1. Fight diseases by boosting the immune system
  2. weight loss
  3. clearing up skin ailments such as eczema and acne
  4. helping the digestive tract
  5. clearing up female issues
  6. clearing up urinary tract issues
  7. whittling your middle
  8. less bloating
  9. and the list goes on.

It is essential to take a high-quality one without fillers from a real health food.


I take Dr. Axe’s SBO Probiotics.


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