Treat Seasonal Allergies Naturally With MSM

Treat Seasonal Allergies

​Treat Seasonal Allergies

How to treat seasonal allergies can be difficult to figure out. Seasonal allergies were never an issue for me until I moved from Pittsburgh to the DC area over 2 decades ago. The pollen here is crazy! Like clockwork, we can count on our cars being covered in green dust (Pollen) every spring. In a post/ current Covid world, a mere cough makes people hit the deck! Seasonal allergies are still a thing. Allergies can be very uncomfortable and downright debilitating, especially for those that suffer from asthma.

The sniffling, runny nose, coughing, and ITCHING that are associated with seasonal allergies are miserable. Many allergy meds that contain antihistamines work to a degree but are not without their side effects. Drowsiness is great at night when you are ready to sleep, but working hours or driving a car can be tricky if you find yourself nodding off. Most importantly, long-term side effects of the counter-seasonal allergy medication may lead to dementia or even certain types of tumors. These medicines are good here and there but science is not showing conclusive long-term effects.

I am constantly researching natural health remedies and studies for myself and my family.  I believe that God put a natural cure or treatment on the Earth for everything. We are just not smart enough to find it. We’ve practiced these remedies in my own family for decades. About ten years ago, I came across a book, and it talked about MSM. (Methylsulfonylmethane) With a name like that, you can see why they had to abbreviate it! MSM has lots and lots of benefits!

MSM Benefits Include:

Reset Seasonal Allergies

Enhance Circulation

Boost Metabolism

Relieve Pain

TreatParasitic Infections

Improve Wound Healing

Relieve Stress

Help Hair and Nails Become Stronger

Treat Seasonal Allergies Using MSM

MSM is something that is a compound naturally found in our bodies. We naturally produce it as babies. Think of the “cushiony” stuff that’s in between your joints. Babies have a whole lot of it. If you’ve ever touched the softness of a baby’s cheeks, all gushy softness is the extra MSM flowing through their sweet little bodies. Also, you get a lot of MSM naturally when you are pregnant. That is what we refer to as “the glow” that pregnant women get. Most of the population loses natural MSM as they age.

The only exception that I have read about is Japanese people. Overall Japanese people’s skin stays plushy and pliable and keeps them having a youthful look their entire life and not to mention fewer joint problems and less cancer.

For the rest of us, supplementing it helps bring it back.

Treat Seasonal Allergies

The most exciting part to me, however, is that the author claimed that taking MSM could be used to reset seasonal allergies! The doctor claimed that you would not have allergies the following season using MSM for six to 8 weeks as instructed on the supplement bottle. As in everything, I was on it!

I tried it in the summertime. I generally did not suffer from spring allergies but instead fall allergies. Ragweed in particular. My youngest son also is allergic. I found after taking MSM, it worked, and I had No Ragweed allergy that Fall.

I found that I had zero allergies in the fall, and it seemed to stay that way for quite some time, a couple of years. Then a couple of years later, my fall allergies were back, so after doing a little research, this was very normal to happen. It seemed because I had mild and not severe allergies, resetting with MSM worked for quite some time for me.

So, after my miraculous birth of being allergy-free, I began telling everybody about it. (Friends, family members, and clients)

A Natural Cure to Treat Seasonal Allergies

I had a client named Ben. For years I told Ben about how MSM could help him with his allergies. I got “Yeah, yeah, I know Cris.” He had fair skin, red hair, lots of freckles, and an allergic reaction to just about everything out there. Just thinking about pollen made him sneeze. Finally, he gave it a try. Every time I saw Ben, he would tell me how much MSM changed his life. He could be outside in the springtime and the fall and have zero allergies for the first time in his whole life.

MSM doesn’t just reset seasonal allergies. Studies showed that by week 3, your upper and lower respiratory system improves. In a covid world, lung capacity is more important than ever!

What’s even better is that according to the National Institutes of health, MSM fights tumors before they begin in cancer.

Some More Benefits of MSM:

Joint Protection

Skin Elasticity

Natural Pain Management

Cancer Protection

Range of Motion Enhancing

Help for Arthritis and Joint Pain

Treat Seasonal Allergies

Foods that have MSM Naturally:





Alfalfa Sprouts

Leafy Green Vegetables



Whole Grains

For all you athletes out there:

They have also proved that taking MSM before running marathons or major exercising events for 30 days will improve your performance.

MSM is known to be relatively safe, but always ask your doctor!!


Do not start taking it on a day you have to work or go to school! I must warn you the first 24 hours; you may be a little gassy. MSM immediately starts to detoxify your system, and the toxins have to go somewhere. So besides that, I had no other side effects that were negative with the MSM.

Side Effects Others Have Experienced:



Abdominal Discomfort


You don’t have to purchase the most expensive brand out there, but I am a little bit of a supplement snob. I believe the health benefits of supplements will only be as good as the quality of the supplement you purchase. Try to use reputable brands with no fillers.

If you are using MSM for seasonal allergy resetting, do it BEFORE that season begins. (At least 6-8 weeks before)

MSM is available in pills or powder.

I do not use MSM all the time. I use it for allergy flare-ups and detoxification when I can feel my body begging for it. I hope you do some research for yourself if you are considering trying MSM.

MSM seems to be well-tolerated. It is recommended that you can take it up to 3 months at a time.

As always- I am no doctor! Check with your doctor before starting MSM.

I hope it brings you good health and you find yourself sneeze-free!


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