Review Weeks One Through Three

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Week 4


Hello. Welcome back!

This week, I want us to refine and review weeks one through three. Let’s take an in-depth look at what is working and what isn’t.

How are things going? Have you been able to pick up some new habits and gain some traction with them? Are you still focusing on your top four goals a little each week? Have you made some better food choices? How about your steps? Have you added more steps this week? Remember, we are not looking for perfection. That kind of nonsense will make you crazy! All we are striving for is getting our bodies and minds to start gaining momentum towards our goals.

Here is why.

If 10,000 steps seem impossible and you could only walk an extra 1,000 steps a day over six days, well, that’s 6,000 additional steps a week! Now assuming that is all you can do (which you will see it is not), but for argument’s sake, let’s say it is.

Review weeks.

1,000 steps a day is

6,000 steps a week is

180,000 a month is

2,160,000 a year (yes that is 2 MILLION, 160,000)

My point? This is how I like to look at life. I believe that if I take small, simple steps towards achieving my goals, I get there. It’s daunting to think of 2 million steps. But 1,000 steps a day past my baseline? Easy. Not to mention 10,000 steps a day becomes a reality.

The same goes for starting a business, saving a marriage, turning a kid’s behavior around, and living the life of your dreams. It doesn’t typically happen overnight. If you learn the fine art of dancing one step at a time, you can be a Rhumba expert before you know it.  Eventually, you can master most things in your life.

The weight didn’t happen overnight; quit looking for fast and look for healthy. That marriage that has been crumbling for years isn’t going to be fixed by one motivational podcast. Ah. But a word of encouragement a day, in the beginning, starts to gain serious momentum.

We often see the results of a success story.

Most of the time, we are witnessing a fabricated story of what is the truth. The famous gorgeous person with the jet, mansion, beautiful spouse, kids, and own empire came with a cost. They worked hard! Many come from difficult upbringings filled with sadness and abuse. And even though we see all the glitz and glamour (Because they look like this ALL the time- lol), they may have just had their 4th stint in rehab for addiction or have a loved one that suffers mental illness. And let me also say that yes, even famous people have morning breath! There is no way around it.  Ah. But we don’t see any of that, and we shouldn’t. It’s not our business! The same goes for when we see the filtered facade of fake smiles on our social media. We don’t really know the whole story.

If we could walk in another person’s totality (Meaning every aspect, thoughts, all situations they have encountered), we can not know the full story or judge them.

The only person that knows you in your totality is you. Please don’t compare your beauty, happiness, health, business success, or relationships to another. It will steal your joy and not to mention your life.

90 Days to a Better You is precisely that.

It’s NOT 90 Days to Making You like:

Your friend

A Kardashian

That girl or guy you went to high school with that you see on FB

Your Co-worker

It’s all about YOU! There is no one like you. Not one the same.

You already have greatness in you! Even if you think you don’t, it’s too late or maybe other people but not you. Not true. Please continue with me on this journey so I can prove it to you.

Week 4 -90 Days to a Better You Challenge:

(Yes, you still get homework)

Day 1-

Assess Your Goals. Which ones have you been progressing in, and which do you need to zone in on more moving forward?

How will you be doing that?

Write it in your Goal Planner

15 minutes of planning in Daily Goal Planner

Day 2-

Assess your food.

How have you been eating most days?

Are you looking for real food products?

Have you increased your daily intake of fruits and vegetables?

If so, how much?

What junk food fix do you still need? Is it at your house? Get it out!

15 minutes of planning in Daily Goal Planner

Day 3-

Assess your steps.

What is your daily average (baseline) up to now?

Increase it by 1,000 until you get to 10,000

  • Park further from the grocery store
  • Walk around your yard or street
  • Run in place

15 minutes of planning in Day in Goal Planner

Day 4-

Assess Your Water Intake

Drink More Water

The goal is 8 glasses a day

Add another glass today

15 minutes of planning in Daily Goal Planner

Day 5-

15 minutes of planning in Daily Goal Planner

Pay attention to your steps today and keep moving!

*It’s a true statement that “Bodies in motion stay in motion”!

Day 6-

15 minutes of planning in Day in Goal Planner

Meal Plan and Prep for the upcoming week

Print Weekly Goal Planner for Week 5

Day 7-

15 minutes of planning in Day in Goal Planner

Rest, Restore and Renew


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