Drink More Water

10 Reasons to Drink More Water

You may be wondering why in the world did I even think to talk about drinking more water. I have to be honest, this one simple, virtually free habit makes a huge difference for our bodies and our minds. Although this seems to be a no-brainer, most people are walking around chronically dehydrated. I, myself have only recently committed to making drinking water a priority and it has made a big difference! We could say a Good Difference;) I have listed 10 Reasons to Drink More Water, but there are many more. Please consider this small habit to increase your health overall.

1.) More energy! 

Who doesn’t want more energy? Water will increase your energy mentally and physically. Are you experiencing brain fog? The main ingredient making up our brains is water. It is possible that you are chronically dehydrated.

2.) It’s cheap! – Yep. Go crazy.

*** Get your self a (BPA free) reusable water bottle. I do not advocate non-reusable bottles. They are terrible for our Earth. Most of these bottles have BPA which is known to be a hormone disruptor and causes serious health effects. Don’t take the chance. There are so many chemicals in tap or even bottled water, invest in a good filter like Britta or Pur for your tap water. Anyone can put one on.

3.) Better skin

Yep, water can do that! It plumps up your skin and makes it supple. It can help heal acne. You will have better elasticity. It will keep your skin moisturized. Need I say more? Cheapest beauty routine you will have going for you.

4.) Boost your immunity

Replacing most of your beverages with water and it will amp up your immune system to Super Hero levels. Water fights disease big and small.

5.) Removes toxins

I don’t want toxins. Do you? Water is one of the simplest ways to rid your body of all the toxins you have put IN your body. Water is also the way we can rid the toxins that we can thank the environment for. Your friends will thank you. By removing toxins, it also helps with body odor. (That was a bonus- I said 10 reasons. That is 11)

6.) Mood changer

 Increasing your water intake has shown improvement in moods. Yep, if your family finds you a little irritable lately…take a look at your water intake.

7.) No more stinky breath

Dry mouth will cause bad breath. A mint won’t cut it, but water will!

8.) Cushions your joints

For all you in your twenty’s and early thirties. You may not know about this yet, but there is something called achy joints that will be visiting you soon. Water keeps your joints hydrated.

9.) Got headaches?

Could it be that simple…well, yes. Try increasing your water intake before you hit the medicine cabinet. You may be very surprised.

10.) Weight Loss

Yes, ladies and gents. I have saved the best for last! Switch to water and see what happens. You will (believe it or not) feel like less of a slug in the late afternoon and you could start losing weight. Many times we may think we are hungry but we are simply dehydrated.

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