Why Physical Activity is Good for Our Body and Our Mind Now

Physical Activity is Good


 The Good Difference’s 90 Days to a Better You

I don’t believe you will ever hear me say that I love to exercise. I mean, maybe pigs will fly someday, and you will see me in a spin class. But I highly doubt it. What I do know is that a sedentary lifestyle is becoming prominent in our world today. A sedentary lifestyle is wreaking havoc on our bodies and our minds. Inactivity can lead to higher blood pressure, diabetes, and certain cancers. It also can lead to anxiety, depression, and not to mention zero productivity. Do you know those goals that you wrote in week 1?

Physical Activity

The truth is if you lack physical activity, it’s possible that you have not gotten very far. Do not despair! Today is another day in the do-overs of life.

Physical Activity and lack thereof affect every race, age, and culture. Our bodies are meant to be active. And not just to become skinnier (although, of course, it helps your weight also), but more importantly, to put traction to our moods. Physical Activity actually increases our happiness. And after a year like 2020 and last week in my city of DC, I would say it is safe to say we need tools to increase our mood. Physical Activity affects children too. Considering the amount of stress they have been under virtual learning and sitting in front of a computer all day, physical activity is imperative.

10,000 steps daily

We will start introducing movement and physical activity into our lives by working towards 10,000 steps daily. Why 10,000? To be healthier and happier.  There is a lot of confusion about how many steps increase health. NIH did a recent study that spoke to 8,000 steps decreasing the risk of death by 50% and 12,000 steps reducing it by 65%. So let’s split it and call it 10,000 steps a day. Increasing your walking even moderately will help you be a better you.

Please read the findings:  National Institutes of Health.

So here is what I propose for week 3. If you find yourself sitting a lot of the time either for work or to binge-watch the next Netflix Original series, let’s work movement into our everyday lives.

Physical Activity is Good

Day 1- Use a Fitness Tracker

There is a reason that fitness trackers are big business! They actually work. So does the free one on your phone! I prefer a wrist version because half the time I can not locate my phone. Whatever works for you. Five Below has step counters cheap. I like my Fit Bit because I can use the app to track other health choices and gains. Amazon has Halo that looks very cool. It can be the most expensive one globally, but it doesn’t work if you don’t use it.

Day 2- Increase Your Steps to 10,000 a Day

**Disclaimer:  Always talk with your doctor about adding new exercise if you have health concerns.

Not all at once. Track your steps to get the reality of where you are and increase it by 1,000 steps tomorrow. Then 1,000 more the next day until you reach 5,000 steps.

Day 3- Stand While Working at Your Computer

If you can’t afford a standing desk, turn over a laundry basket, and build up with books. Your shoulders should be completely relaxed so you do not create a sore neck, back, or shoulders. (A kitchen anti-fatigue mat helps too)

**Take breaks and sit again until you build up your stamina.

My husband and I stand for a living, and we honestly can not sit for massive amounts of time without being uncomfortable. We also understand the value of GOOD shoes, anti-fatigue mats, and awareness of the way we stand. (Not locking knees)

Day 4- Add Quick Bursts of Exercise

It is a misconception that you have to carve out massive chunks of time for exercise. I do squats in the kitchen, waiting for something on the stove. I keep two little weights in the bathroom after I shower. I have been known to do jumping jacks or planks during commercials. All these quick exercise bursts add up.

Look, if you are competing in a marathon or weight lifting competition, this will not cut it. But if you are having difficulty putting one foot in front of the other and want to be healthier one day at a time, this is an effective way to achieve it. The truth is, this could be the start of you becoming a Triathalon. You have to start somewhere.

Day 5- Take Your Steps Outside

I don’t know about you, but I find myself indoors a lot these days. Nothing cures the soul better than fresh air and God’s beautiful creation. We are working towards becoming better versions of ourselves, and the truth is getting outside of our living space, along with our thoughts and having time to pray without interruption, is a beautiful thing. The physical Activity of walking paired with wide-open space, sky, grass, and plants is more of a soulful moment than physical Activity.

Day 6- Make a Walking Plan for Next Week

This week’s days are pre-show to the performance next week, where 10,000 steps will be part of our daily schedule. Begin thinking about what the looks like in your life. How can you make it happen? All at once in the morning or half in the morning and a half in the afternoon?

Day 7- Rest, Restore, Renew

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