A Good Day Starts With A Morning Routine

Your Morning Routine 

The majority of the most successful people on the planet have this one thing in common- A Morning Routine!

Habits are simply things that we repeatedly do. We are only as good as our habits. If you want to see some serious good changes in your life, you may consider setting up a Morning Routine. It is simple and commits to doing the same good habits daily. Please know that it could take a week or so to work out the kinks. So, if at first, you don’t succeed, simply tweak Your Morning Routine for the next day and try, try again my friend.

I highly recommend buying a planner that you WRITE in. First of all, writing engages another part of your brain that clicking it on your phone does not. Also, a written daily planner will not be chiming, buzzing or dinging as you are trying to prepare for your day. Do you know that just looking at your phone first thing in the morning has been proven to change your brain chemistry?  And NOT for the good! Picking up your phone also engages you in everything else going on in the world, and not yourself and changing your habits. Remember you are becoming a Goal conqueror. That requires time alone with your body, mind, and soul. Every day without fail, make this time a PRIORITY. You will not regret it!!

Morning Routine- The Hour (ish) of Power!


Wake up EARLY

Pick a time and stick with it. Don’t make excuses. Don’t hit the snooze button. Ideally, you want to wake well before the other members of your household. You KNOW that once the rest of the crew starts awakening, all your plans will go out the window. Please be intentional! YOU are worth it. Your quality of sleep when you keep going back to sleep is so completely lousy anyway. It is of no benefit to you. 

Drink a Glass of Water

 By drinking a glass of water, you immediately decide to treat your body well before your day even starts. Water replenishes your body from the dehydration that takes place while you were sleeping. This one glass of water will make your mind more alert as well. Set yourself up for success by placing one whole glass each night on your nightstand before you go to sleep. This one good habit will also encourage you to drink more water for the rest of the day.


Even if you are not an exercise junkie, commit to a 10-minute beginner at home YouTube workout. Gradually increase your time. Start with 10 minutes, do it for a week and the following week increase your workout to 15, and so on and so forth. Remember, if you miss your mark on any given day, you simply resume the following day. (If you are on a diet, and you slip up and pound a bag of chips, you don’t quit the diet.) Simply start again. Bodies in motion stay in motion. Bodies at rest stay at rest! And don’t think exercise just helps you physically, it also wakes up your brain to help with mood, anxiety, and focus.

Quiet Time

I am a Christian, so for me, this is time spent reading scripture and praying.  I cherish my time with God. (And my coffee!) I don’t want to try to get through the day without His help. If I skip it for any reason, it shows up on my day later. Usually as a very bad attitude:)

Planning Time

Put your morning routine in your planner ahead of time. DO it every day. Do it without fail.

Finally, sit down and purposefully PLAN your day. I have included a printable to help you organize your thoughts and practice.

Even if you are not a morning person, establishing Your Morning Routine will help you hit the mark almost everytime. Practice makes perfect. Best wishes and may tomorrow be a GOOD Morning!

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