A Healthy Morning Routine That Will Change Your Life

Healthy Morning Routine

Change Your Life

Many of you may read the title of this post, Morning Routine That Will Change Your Life, and believe it to be an overstatement. I genuinely do not. I have found that one of my most important life-changing habits is my morning routine. This routine encapsulates many practices that make up one significant life-changing Habit. Without it, it is almost a given that I will not hit the mark on the rest of my day. Without the steps of balancing my body, mind, and spirit early, I often lose motivation and energy. I make terrible food choices, and honestly, I sit WAY too much on my days off. I think,

“There is always tomorrow.”

A solid morning routine helps with every aspect of your life! Think about it. How many times have you set out with plans in your head feeling inspired to lose weight finally, be more agreeable to your loved ones, organize your house or get that side gig to be your full-time gig? You may get into it for a day or a couple of days. Before you know it,  the weekend rolls around, and it goes out the window. (I know I scared some of you. Yes, weekends should have a morning rhythm too.)

A Tale of a Vicious Cycle of No Morning Routine

If you wake up relying on your willpower, you’re probably going to wake up LATE. When that happens, you begin to cut out the stuff that makes your days so much better. You may decide to skip exercising or cut it back significantly. Maybe you skip breakfast. Now your body does not have the fuel to think straight, so what do we do? We kick back another cup (or two or three or four of coffee) to get our energy. But that’s not so bad. At least I didn’t overeat! Nope. The caffeine curbed your appetite, but three o’clock rolls around, and I need a little something sweet, followed by something salty.

Next, it’s dinner time, and because of the sugar I consume, I need pasta! An hour later comes the snacking of a lifetime accompanied by a little Merlot. That one glass leads to another. You go to bed late and wake up all night long because the sugar makes your body thinks it’s daytime. You finally get to sleep, but there is no way you are getting up on time in the morning. When you HAVE to get up, you are groggy, tired, and cranky! Your low-income family! There goes the morning routine all together! Followed by guilt and remorse and ironically more days, weeks, and months that look the same. Now you feel terrible, look terrible, gain weight, and haven’t really accomplished anything you set out to do.

Or Change Your Life With A Healthy Morning Routine

The alarm goes off. (Next is the most critical decision you will make!) You GET UP on time! You drink a full glass of water to rehydrate and make your bed. Put on your Fitbit, Brush your teeth, comb your hair and freshen yourself up a little. You head for your cup of coffee made to perfection with a dash of cinnamon. Next, you spend time with God reading scripture, a little Bible Study, and prayer. You sit with your Good Difference Planning Page, and you begin to plan your day, followed by checking your finances. Now, you are drinking your second glass of water and start your yoga followed by a walk with the dog, hitting the treadmill, or a YouTube workout to get your steps going.

You do a little dry brushing, grab a shower, and are on glass three of water. (Yeah, you are!)

Get dressed and head to make breakfast for the family. You feel great. Your energized, hydrated, inspired and loving. You have made a healthy choice for breakfast that sets your eating habits for the rest of the day. You look and feel fresh. You are nice to your family, and not only does this improve your day, but it also sets the tone for theirs!

The Real Challenge

A Healthy Morning Routine is challenging for most people initially, and I can’t reiterate enough that the decision to get up can make or break your whole day. It also takes time to develop a good routine that works for you! Maybe you work-out after work, so that isn’t necessarily part of your morning. You may start work at 4:00 in the morning. So, perhaps your routine is twenty minutes long, and you have time with God in the car on the way to work by praying and listening to something inspiring. We are all different, so will our habits and routines be. And just because it works in this season of your life doesn’t mean it won’t need to be re-evaluated in the next.

Healthy Habits You May Consider including As Part of Your Morning Routine

    • Wake Time
    • (Water Upon Waking)
    • Make Your Bed!
    • God Time or Meditation
    • Planning Your Day
    • (The Good Difference Daily Planner)
    • Checking Finances
    • Yoga (Water 1)
    • Walking (Water 2)
    • Dry Brush
    • Shower (Oil Pulling while in the there)
    • Skin Care/ Hair
    • Get Dressed
    • Family Breakfast
    • Clean up
    • Work

A note about all routines: please don’t be so rigid checking your boxes that you miss the sweet spots of life! Instead, let routines enhance your life! Everyone defines success differently. For me, I define success by hitting my targets in business, loving my family, and stopping everything for God’s appointments. (setting my plans aside temporarily to help someone) I mean, who cares how much money you have if your family hates you and you do no good for others. That is a miserable existence. It’s not pure selflessness that makes me want to help people. It’s not. Nothing satisfies my soul more than helping people. It’s a healthy high.

Always be the difference in your world by doing good for another.

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