Meal Planning-5 Things You Need to Run Your Household Like a Business

Meal Planning

Run Your Household Like a Business

Meal Planning is number one. If we ran our businesses the way many of us run our households, we might not be very profitable. When you think about it, running a home is very much like running a business.

You are the owner, operator, and manager of your household. If you have a system for everything and everything has a place, you will have a better chance of success within your home. There will be less chaos, less stress, more laughter, more creativity, and happier family members. Here are five simple steps that will help your household be successful.

A Household Budget

A budget helps you plan for running your household.

Budgeting is the best place to start meal planning. You need to know how much you make, your household expenses, and where you are spending your money.

Bob and Linda Lotich offer great insight into finance. They are a husband and wife team. Seedtime is their site, and it is excellent!

They teach simple but effective money techniques.

Here is a link to some of the budgets they like.

A Household Inventory

Just like any profitable business has an inventory of the items they use and sell, your household should have a simple list of the things you and your family use frequently. Think of items like toothpaste, shampoo, deodorant, cleaning supplies, laundry detergents, etc. You have to know what you have before you can create a Meal Plan.

If you can afford to have backup supplies, you will never have to run to the store in a pinch. You can grab a new replacement from your home. Keep your backups where you use them (Like toothpaste or shampoo in the bathroom) or for larger items like detergent, cleaning products, etc.; keep these items on shelves in your basement.

Food Inventory

You can merge your food inventory list with your household items list or separate it. It is your preference.

Start by looking in your pantry, fridge, and freezer first.

**Meal Plan as many meals as possible with what you already have on hand instead of buying MORE food! Use up perishables first. You are essentially using up what you have, saving money, and starting your Meal Planning on a fresh slate. If you are unsure what to make, google ingredients for recipes.

Meal Planning

Once a week, sit down and meal plan for the week. Try to do it on the same day, so you create a habit. Please keep it simple. Jot down quickly, and don’t overthink it. You are trying to provide a healthy, balanced, yummy meal for you and your family to enjoy. You are not opening a five-star Michelin restaurant.

Unless you LOVE to cook, keep your meals simple. Remember growing up in the Eighties? Every night there was a protein, a vegetable, and a starch. That was it.

We have overcomplicated everything so much that we have made it more expensive, exhausting to think about, and weight gaining. We have put entirely too much pressure on ourselves.

Example of a Week of SIMPLE Meal Planning:




Sweet Potato







Mashed Potatoes

Green Beans



Garlic Bread



Pizza Night-

Two basic store-bought Pizzas

One loaded with veggies

1 with ½ cut store-bought meatballs



Taco Night



Roast, Potatoes, and Carrots

Challah with butter and honey

Keep it Simple

Here’s a crazy thought. You could eat this every week. Who says we have to have 30 different dinners each month? Find what your family likes. Come up with seven meals. Seven!

The most exhausting part of cooking is the THINKING about what to cook. So, what if you just KNEW? Does it help to know that this is what we eat on Mondays, Tuesdays, etc.?

Our grandmothers knew how to do meal planning and they didn’t have a lot of options. Food was not entertainment but substance. There weren’t forty salad dressings from which to choose. There also were not a lot of overweight people.

You may notice, that dessert is not a nightly inclusion, and yes, there are some carbs. Be smart about the type of pasta and bread you buy. (Either Gluten Free if you need it or whole wheat) And remember you can always have vegetable noodles.

If you are concerned about gaining weight, it’s best to serve the food on plates at the stove for portion control. Family style is always going to promote larger portions and more of them.

Dinner should be a time to be with your family and discuss the day. Not time to schedule a nervous breakdown from exhaustion. Go ahead and throw some freshly picked flowers, play some quiet music and add a candle to the table. Your family will not live in your house forever. Make dinner about the relationships, the atmosphere, and less about “What’s for Dinner?”

Grocery Shopping Schedule

Meal Planning alleviates extra runs to the grocery store during the week. In turn, you are free of impulse buying every time you go. It helps your wallet and your waistline to have a meal plan and a grocery list.

Groceries have been to our home regularly for over fifteen years. Grocery deliveries for me personally have been one of my favorite conveniences for Meal Planning.

  1. I have other ways I prefer to use my time.
  2. Grocery delivery gives a person a job.
  3. It saves a lot of money.
  4. It’s at my convenience on my laptop on my own time.

Lastly, a laundry schedule helps! Our family seems to manufacture laundry! We have to stay on top of it, or it gets out of control.

Laundry Schedule

One more way to run your household efficiently is to have a laundry schedule that works for you and yours and stick to it.

  1. Have a separate laundry basket for each family member with their name written on it in Sharpie. That way, as the laundry comes out, it goes into the appropriate basket, which will alleviate sorting later.
  2. Put all hangable clothing on hangers straight out of the dryer to alleviate wrinkles, folding, and an extra step. Fold the hanging clothing in half and put it in each person’s basket.
  3. Have each family member collect extra hangers and bring them back to the laundry room with their basket for the next day.
  4. Do a dark load two days a week, whites load two days a week, and once a week, do the towels/ sheets and a delicates load. Post the schedule above the washer.

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