Love Thy Neighbor

Posted On November 8, 2018

Love Thy Neighbor


Next time you are sitting at a red light turning left, take a minute to notice the faces turning right around the bend next to you. On a busy morning, you see moms with kids in the back seat heading off to school, professional men and women with earbuds in talking on the phone, and people shoving their breakfast into their faces because they didn’t have time at home. Where I live (Just outside DC) you see every race and ethnicity. Thank God! I love the diversity of where I live. It is so perfect as to how God describes The Kingdom of Heaven in the bible.

Rare Occasions

Today it is a rare occasion that I am driving my son TO school. My husband usually takes the early shift and I take the late. As I was sitting to turn onto my road, it struck me. All of these people. ALL of them are loved by God just as much as He loves me. He created us so different, but yet so the same. We may LOOK different, but don’t we all simply desired to be loved. We are so quick to make snap judgments about people. The truth is, everyone was created by God and He has a plan for their lives. We never fully understand a person until we get to know them. We all come from stuff. Stuff that was out of our control and stuff we caused by going our own way.

Jesus is Love

When Jesus said LOVE your neighbor, He did not mean just your neighbors in your neighborhood or the ones we actually like, and a relationship just comes easily too. He is saying everyone is our neighbor. Most days there are people on your path. Your neighbors. The cashier working two jobs as a single mother to support her kids. Your mail carrier, your garbage man and your co-workers. Yes. Even the ones that make you nuts.

Neighbors. I believe God keeps certain people in our life that pluck our nerves to show us how to love and bring light to our deficiencies. Instead of being prickly toward those people, go out of your way to learn about them. You will find interesting things about why their personality is the way it is. God will teach you to love them and soften your heart. After all, wouldn’t we want others to do the same for us?

2 days ago

*** I wrote this 2 days ago. My hometown of Pittsburgh was hit with a mass shooting at The Tree of Life Synagogue yesterday. What a horrific event. My heart breaks for the victims and their families. I am shaken by it. The evil that entered the Shabbat service… Our neighbors were simply trying to worship with their community. Not hurting anyone.

When did it happen?

When did we stop listening to one another and accepting one another’s differences? (Embracing one another’s differences?) We used to agree to disagree. Sure, you had those few and far between that did not, but it seems like it is so common to become easily offended when others do not agree with us. This should not be. It’s ok to think differently than our neighbors. In fact. What a beautiful thing! It’s how we were created. But guess what? We are still commanded to LOVE our neighbor as ourselves.


We must overcome hate with LOVE. Love is stronger than hate. I see the love pouring out on my hometown and IN my hometown.


Love thy neighbor. ALL of them! We are not Judge and Jury. GOD is!!! He simply commands us to love.

Love thy Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Atheist, Buddhist, Hindu, Black, White, Hispanic, Asian, Native American, Gay, Straight, Republican, Democratic, Independent, and ____________________ (You fill in the blank) neighbor. It’s time to overshadow evil with GOOD.


Please remember and pray for all of our neighbors affected by the tragedy in Pittsburgh yesterday.

Please consider contributing to their Go Fund Me page.


Every little bit helps and it’s an easy way to shower our neighbors with love. After all, wouldn’t we want someone to do the same for us or our loved ones?




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