7 Life Hacks to Lose Weight and Keep It Off

Lose Weight and Keep It Off

How to Lose Weight and Keep It Off

Let me start by saying, if you are looking for a quick fix to drop weight in an unhealthy way, this is not the post for you. There is no quick fix. If you want to lose weight and learn how to keep it off healthfully, please keep reading.

Losing weight and keeping it off is frustrating millions of people. Trying so hard and failing lowers self-esteem and only adds salt to the wound. Or even worse, you finally lose the weight on some miracle diet and feel great in your clothes again only to gain it back and as a bonus? You win a few extra pounds on top of it.

Obesity is an epidemic in America. Is it laziness? Seriously. Americans work hard. Most of us do not know how to turn work off! Even if we are not working a day for pay, we are working in some other compacity. Laziness does not account for over 42% of Americans being obese (according to the CDC in 2020).

Real Ingredients and Reading Labels

I believe and have believed for close to 20 years that it is the food we eat. The food that big food companies get us hooked on, knowing we will keep coming back for more. It makes them super-wealthy, and they could care less that it is contributing to all kinds of diseases and killing us faster. Until the last couple of years, you were seen as a hippie or a conspiracy theorist to talk like this.

Documentaries barely watched when they came out (like Forks Over Knives and Super-Size Me) had a rebirth in the last couple of years. Not only a rebirth, but these films also got people thinking and inspired many more incredible documentaries that came out in the previous two years.

Thankfully people are educating themselves and are realizing that to trust the companies making billions off of us, they don’t care! Americans are starting to read their labels and begin to wonder why the yogurt they are buying to keep themselves and their families healthier contains almost as much sugar as ice cream. Why? Because processed foods taste terrible without sugar! Sugar in all of its forms is in practically every packaged item that we purchase. And. It’s highly addictive! They know you will be back for more.

Some good food-related documentaries:

One Green Planet

On Netflix:

I have been pro-natural health for close to 25 years. Our family ate organic when most people didn’t know what that was. Please don’t get me wrong. I love doctors. I believe in preventative screenings and vaccines. I also think that putting garbage into our bodies will not bring us health. In the last couple of years, I, too, have self-medicated with unhealthy food choices.

Although good genes have blessed me (thank you, mom’s side of the family), I have gained a little weight each year, which seems nothing until I do the math. Gaining at this rate over the next five years, I will be a bigger version of myself. In a year like 2020, I found myself turning to junk food and a very sedentary lifestyle.

Bright Line Eating

I have talked to people (women in particular) day in and day out for almost 30 years, and it’s the same story, a different day. They can’t lose weight or try a diet, lose it fast, and put it back on even quicker.

A client of mine went from being not her healthiest self and overweight to healthy, vibrant, and a smaller version of herself over the past year. She is also a neighbor. I would see her walking past my house several days a week, and I literally watched her getting slimmer. I asked her. What is it? How’d you do it? It wasn’t how much she lost; it was that she kept it off! (Way to go, Laura!!)

She told me about the book Bright Line Eating. Guys. The book is a game-changer, and it is very different! It makes so much sense, but more than physical appearance, the way it gets rid of Brain Fog is crazy! This book is about your brain and food. The side benefit is weight loss.

It is not a diet

It is not a diet; it is a way of life. The energy you thought you lost 10, 20, or 30 years ago? It comes back. Food is no longer your addiction to self-medicating. Now food is the fuel for your body and your brain. The Good Lord put it on this planet; natural, real, and chocked full of vitamins and minerals. And here’s a crazy concept, no human-made chemicals. There is a scientific formula for weight loss that takes the guesswork out of it to lose weight.

Look, I am not about to tell you how YOU should lose weight. I can say to you that I have spent a lot of money on the best-advertised plans, diets, shakes, bars, juicing, smoothies, and the list goes on. I have been losing and re-losing the same pounds for a decade, with a little more each year. Bright Line is the only one that made sense and had great benefits besides losing pounds. I know so many of you feel terrible about the physical shape of your body. Don’t despair, friend. People are losing a lot of weight with Bright Line, but more importantly, they are keeping it off.

It is time to focus on quality over quantity. Nutritious, healthy, clean food will fill you for hours. It’s the way God intended it. Think of all the foods that God put naturally on Earth so you can Lose Weight.

And yet, at the beginning of time, there were no pop (soda) factories.

No, your body was designed to eat good food. It will balance your weight, give you energy, clear thinking, and so much more. After goal planning, I believe fueling the food we eat is essential to reaching our goals. When you feel horrible and have no energy, It’s tough to reach a goal.

Get a Copy of Bright Line Eating (audio or hardcopy)


Day 1 through Day 7 in-depth

Day 1- Decide to eat real food/

& Get a Copy of Brightline Eating (audio or hardcopy)

No one is force-feeding you junk food, so the choice begins with you.

If you choose to do nothing else, choose real food with no artificial chemicals. If you can not pronounce it, you shouldn’t be eating it.

Consider the food YOU eat. Carefully think about and consider what you eat and how you eat. Read some of the labels. Look at the ingredients and sugar content. Here is a link to the sixty-four names for sugar. (Yes, you read that, right! 64!)

**A food journal comes in handy. If you love to snack, eat too many salty foods, or too many sweets, a journal can be a friend.

Food Journal:

Use a notebook

write the date

write the time you eat

write when you have serious cravings

**Start to understand how you are using food.

Get a copy of Brightline Eating.

A fantastic book to lose weight and keep it off without starvation!

You will increase your energy and vitality. It is a great read, especially if you want to help heal your brain, think more clearly, and focus better. Susan Peirce Thompson has the degree to talk about the science of weight loss. I do not. Unlike the big diet companies who make billions off our weight loss struggles by selling us ridiculously expensive “food” to lose weight, she is a brilliant scientist that has science to back her up.

Day 2- Commit

How often do we start something and stop because we have a bad day, lose the excitement,  wonder what the point is, or realize this isn’t easy. The weight did not come overnight, and it will not stay off if you lose it fast. Losing weight could take a long time, depending on how much you have. But so what!? If you start today and make small changes one day at a time, where will you be a month from now? Three months from now? Six months from now? But the same goes for NOT starting today!! But all you have to do is look at it today.

 Know that the small, consistent changes you are making WILL make a difference. All you have to focus on is what you can do today. Stay present!!!

Day 3- Purge Your Pantry and Your Fridge

Want to quit smoking? Do not keep cigarettes in the house. Want to stop drinking? Don’t keep alcohol where you live. The same goes for drugs, and the same goes for FOOD! If you are addicted to potato chips, get rid of them! If your poison is ice cream, get rid of it. Because let’s be honest, all the willpower in the world will not stop you from pounding ice cream as you are coming off of sugar.

You already know your triggers. You are also looking for artificial ingredients.

Day 4- Drink Water!

Drinking water is essential on so many levels of our bodies, but let’s get to it. If you are trying to lose weight, you MUST drink water! Why? As you begin to eat clean, all that goodness that comes from food will start to push the toxins out from the bad stuff you were eating before. You need the water to aid in flushing the toxins from your organs.

If you drink no water now, start with one glass a day and increase until you reach eight glasses a day. Next week you will be drinking eight a day.

Here are more reasons water is excellent for your health.

Day 5- Eat more non-starchy fruits and vegetables.

For some of you, this is so easy, or you are saying this chick is crazy! I eat a ton of vegetables. For most people, they are not eating enough vegetables or any at all. Try eating just one serving of vegetables a day and work your way up. I find organically frozen to be the cheapest, healthiest way to get that done. If you hate vegetables, try adding some natural spices to them for flavor. Once you do that for 2 or 3 days, work up to two a day. (And so on)

Day 6- Meal Planning and Prepping

Meal Planning and Prepping are everything, whether you are trying to lose weight or not. If you want to be a healthier version of yourself, find 1-2 hours a week and prep your food. On the days I am super busy at work and don’t have a plan, I grab a handful of trail mix or an energy bar (most are not much better than a candy bar) throughout the day. Depending on what you’re grabbing in a hurry, it can add up fast to significant calories, high fat, and a bigger waistline.

This time will be some of the best times of your week spent. It saves time, and mental fatigue, and your body begins to get vitamins and minerals it is lacking.

Day 7- Rest, Restore, Renew

Thank God for your progress and ask for continued strength working toward your goals.

I am not naïve. I realize good quality food is not accessible to everyone! The beauty is, that with Americans educating themselves about food, we see more resources for food dessert areas. (Simply put- areas that are not close walking distance to a grocery store or good quality food ) Do you live in a Food Desert? Please don’t despair! There is hope!

Here are Some resources for you if you are in a food desert OR if you are not, please educate yourself and consider how you can help your neighbors.

Food Is Power

Martha Stewart

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