Why A Clean Organized Home Equals Less Stress Now

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Why A Clean Organized Home Equals Less Stress


Keeping up with the house and the yard while working can be tricky, but not impossible. A schedule is a key to success, and to freeing up time on your days off to have some fun! For me, a well-kept house and yard were always essential, and here is why.

The reason I like things in their places has nothing to do with OCD. A system for most of the ordinary but necessary tasks and chores of life is simple. Our family operates better in a serene, pleasant-smelling, and cozy yet streamlined atmosphere. We have some ADHD diagnoses in our family. We have found school success, as well as extracurricular achievement, started with an organized home and work environment.

My husband and I have run small businesses from our home for 20 years, and without a system, we would have been living in a cardboard box from lack of being able to find anything!


Everything needs its place for all of us to be successful


Our family thrives in a pleasant space. There is less frustration from not being able to find relevant papers, knowing what’s for dinner (and having it thawed!!!), as well as going outside to enjoy our yard and not being chained to chores.

For years on and off, we had professionals do the mowing, and in busy work seasons. WE HAVE also had help with the cleaning, and it was helpful at that time. These services can also be costly, and with a little planning and managing of time, we were able to streamline the house to make it very easy to manage and not necessary. Also, once our home was optimized, it only takes keeping up with it about 20 minutes twice a day besides the once-a-week cleaning.

Where to begin if you don’t love your space or feel overwhelmed

Everything in its place.


If you have a lot of clutter, it’s time to remove it!

I have a straightforward rule.

If you don’t LOVE it- GIVE it or SELL it!!!

Who knows, maybe at one time you just had to have an article of clothing or something to decorate your living room with, but in truth, if you look at it and don’t love this item, it’s time to go! Someone else can be blessed by it. The less clutter we have, the easier it is to clean. More importantly, the less clutter we have, the better our home feels, smells, and the less overwhelming there is for the whole family.

The only way to do this is to START! Pick a room. I like to start in the bedrooms, where we rest. The bedroom should be free of work, papers, and should promote relaxation and intimacy for couples. Start in the corner of the room and swiftly work your way around the room and purge. I generally like to work from clockwise. If you have a lot of clutter, this could take some time, but SO WHAT! Getting started is most of the battle!


Do you need or use all of your furniture pieces? If the answer is no, and you don’t love it, then you know what to do!

Furniture takes up a lot of space, and a room should flow and feel good. If you need to go into another room, you should not have to dodge a ton of obstacles to do so. The more you have, the more you have to clean. The pieces you keep should be the ones that count! Side note, this is not an excuse to get rid of your husband’s ugly chair! Be nice!


How do we have SO much in the Kitchen? Honestly, I have a small kitchen that has served us well. The Kitchen is an ongoing issue in our home. You would think I was Gordan Ramsey for the number of gadgets and duplicate gadgets that build up in ours! Gordan Ramsey, I am not! I am a vegetarian that cooks meat-eaters every day of my life.

Ask yourself, does everything in your Kitchen serve a purpose? Do you open up drawers overflowing with multiple of kitchen gadgets? Or worse yet, can you not close the drawer because it is overflowing? Do you need that enormous juicer that you used four years ago? Sell it! How many mugs does one need? If you have four family members, do you need eighteen cups? The same goes for pots, pans, plates, and utensils. If you entertain, maybe consider a cabinet shelf that is not the easiest to access and store extra items you only need on occasion for guests there.

4. Living Spaces

Do your living spaces flow, or are you stumbling over things just trying to go to the Kitchen? Do these spaces speak to you and your family present moment, or are you stuck in the past?

Have your children outgrown certain items, but you can’t seem to let them go because you are sad they aren’t little anymore? If you have items that are not taking up valuable real estate, but you just can’t seem to bring yourself to give them or sell them, (and I say this with extreme caution) box them up.) This is not an excuse to keep everything in boxes but put it away for some time, and see how you feel about it later down the road. We want to live in our present.  Is there a piece of artwork that you are torn over? Take it down for some time and see if you miss it.

5. WorkSpaces

Each family member needs a space in the house where they can do work or homework.

Especially if you have a child or children with ADD, ADHD, or any type of learning struggles, their space needs to be organized. Consider a corkboard for important papers, a tray for documents they are working on, and a large desk calendar and planner to write and plan HOW and WHEN they will get their work done. I had to learn to teach my sons to prepare on their own.

I wanted so much to do it for them, but at the end of the day, when they are adults, whether with ADD diagnosis or not, their employer will expect them to function on their own. I read many books on Attention Deficit Disorder. I am happy to report that they both benefited from practicing organizing and are very good at planning and prioritizing school tasks.

6. Creative Spaces

We are a family of creativity. My husband and I are Hairdressers by trade and tend to love to create. With each stage of my kids’ lives, we tried to encourage what they were into. It changed quickly as they grew even quicker.

If they were into drawing, they had a drawing station. It was nothing fancy or expensive, but a setup table with plenty of colors and papers to create. This was the freedom to walk over and draw at any point and then do something else. The table stayed up until it sat vacant for some time. Later it became a Lego building station, etc. I have boys; I am sure girls would need multiple stations. This was not a place they had to keep neat and tidy. Over time they did that on their own. They began to prefer a neat area to create.

7. Family Time Spaces

A well-flowing home leads to more quality time spent as a family and less frustration. If the house is a disaster, the yard is a foot tall and needs to be mowed; there is a lot of frustration from not being able to find things to freaking out because there is no clean underwear.

The truth is no one lives to do housework, but with a little planning and determination, you can have a home that is super easy to keep up with! Spend time and have fun with your loved ones and not be a mess over the AVOIDABLE stresses of life. Take back your home and your peace and make your house a home that every family member thrives in.

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