How to Stop Complaining and Claim Gratitude

Posted On January 1, 2020

How to Stop Complaining and Claim an Attitude of Gratitude

SO, I never thought I was much of a complainer. Huh!! That was proven wrong! I heard a sermon about complaining. It was recommended that on your right arm you put 5-10 rubber bands. (In Pittsburgh rubber bands are called GUM BANDS- true story) Anyhow, throughout the day every time you complain, take one from the right and put it on the left. Well. On that particular day. I found myself murmuring about all kinds of things. The mounds of laundry, a cranky client, the long phone wait with the insurance company, and so on and so forth. I started out with 10 bands and by 11 am I had to add more.

A couple of Weeks Later

Well as disgusted with myself as I was, I continued for a couple of weeks. Some days pride set in and I felt pretty self-assured. Then the next day, God would allow as it seemed extra little annoyances. He definitely has a sense of humor.

Eventually, I began to complain less and less. The gum bands came off and something really funny began to happen. If I found myself complaining at all, I began to replace it with a gratitude statement.

For example.

From Complaints to Gratitude

Why is there always so much laundry in this house?

Replaced by- Thank God I have a washer and dryer and clothes to clean!

The insurance company is awful. What do they think I have all day to sit on the phone?

Replaced with- Thank God I can afford insurance at all! (Especially these days)

Why is this lady always so miserable and never tips? Doesn’t she know how hard I work?
(and Yes. She can afford it.)

Replaced by- Thank God I have a business at all! WHY is she miserable? And Lord, what are you trying to show me through this client? Is there any of my personality in her?

Murmuring and complaining is a thief of gratitude! Gratitude brings so much!
Bring joy, contentment, compassion, forgiveness, peace, and love for others into your life.
Stop complaining!

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