How To Lose Your Belly Fast When You Use Lecithin

Lose Your Belly Fast

Where Did This Belly Come From?

There I was, standing in the grocery store checkout line. I see a magazine cover “Lose your belly fast.” Yeah, sure; I thought. My mid-forties brought all kinds of new revelations! One of those new revelations was a new kind of belly fat that no matter how many crunches I did or little I ate, it just wouldn’t budge! The new fun began right around age 43. I had never had the dreaded “spillage” before! I was horrified! Not only that, but I can honestly remember thinking, “what the heck is this?”. Immediately I tried diet after diet to fix it in the fastest way possible, of course! (With no remedy)

How Can You Lose Your Belly Fat?

After crunches, HIIT workouts, walking, and yoga, my faithful little belly kept coming back. The worst part was that ten days before my period, it seemed to double in size. Friends would chuckle like, “Welcome to the club.” Not exactly a club I wanted to join! Honestly, I think they were secretly happy it was happening to me too! I am a reasonable person, and I believe there is a solution to every problem. That is why when I read recently that Sunflower Powder (Lecithin) could be the magic I had been hoping for, well, of course, I said, “I’ll try it!”

Sunflower Lecithin Slim Waistline

Grant, you, I was reluctant. After all, I have tried it all, and nothing seemed to prevail. After about two weeks of consistently adding sunflower Powder to my smoothies and soups, I have to say I was impressed. There is a distinct difference! My belly is slimmer! Although, best of all? My energy increased, and honestly, I was happier! (of course, this could have been an effect of feeling more confident) I tried it strictly for vanity, but I started doing some research after seeing and feeling other results. It turns out Sunflower Lecithin has a lot of benefits. Slimming my waistline was the bonus.

It isn’t just in my head; the way my clothes fit better says it all.

What is Lecithin?

Lecithin (Not confused with Lectin) is an essential fatty substance naturally found in our bodies.

Why Sunflower Lecithin?

The two primary sources of Lecithin are eggs and soy.

Most soy products are genetically modified, and many people are allergic to soy or have a sensitivity.

Eggs are highly processed to extract the Lecithin. Sunflowers are a clean source and have been relied on in Eastern medicines for thousands of years.

I think by now we all know that our foods are not giving us the benefits of decades past. Overly processed and mass-produced foods are impacting our health.

Benefits of Lecithin



Lower cholesterol

Improves Digestion

Transports Fat

Improved Organ Function

Treating Gallbladder and Liver Diseases

Better Cellular Function

Better Brain Function

Increased Energy

Treat Eczema

How to use it:

You can add Sunflower Powder to just about anything; it blends well. It does, however, have a bit of a sweet taste.  Add two heaping teaspoons once a day to


Bone Broth


Greek Yogurt

Final Thoughts on How To Lose Your Belly Fast With Lecithin

My final thoughts? I am willing to try most natural health solutions at least once—some work and some don’t. Sunflower Lecithin will be part of my life going forward. This is not an excuse to eat a pint of ice cream nightly with the expectation that Sunflower Powder will fix that kind of belly. It shows promise with the hormonal belly! It is not, however, a replacement for sensible eating and exercising.

I don’t have a specific brand. I simply look for non-GMO, Sunflower lecithin with choline.

As with everything, consult your doctor! If you are on medications or have underlying conditions especially. Remember, it is human nature when something is working, and we feel better; we think taking more of it is a good thing to do! It is not. A little goes a long way. You also won’t notice immediate results. It took a couple of weeks before I began to see results.

Do I have the abs of the 24-year-old version of myself? I do not. Do I care? I do not! Do my clothes fit better? 100%! Let me end by saying, I mentioned a couple of things that changed for the worst in my mid-forties. I have to tell you; honestly, the 40’’s are freaking awesome overall. I don’t obsess about what others think. I actually should probably care a little more than I do. I don’t.

My confidence is better than it has ever been. I know exactly who I am, what I like, who I can count on, and excited about all the fun things I can try (Like being a blogger!). The forties has brought me the freedom to be ok with the true version of myself.

May your day be filled with sunshine and sunflowers!


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