How to Clean Your House Fast

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How to Clean Your House Fast


One of the many things I wish I would have known sooner than later was how easy and fast keeping up with the house could be.

Years ago, after trying EVERY system and failing in keeping a clean house or having a clean house and lacking my sanity, we started sectioning our house into Quadrants.

The idea of spending an entire day off cleaning the house from top to bottom became increasingly crazy to me. Many times, it was a beautiful Saturday and I would try to catch everything up all at once and losing a precious day.

By breaking our home into four equal sections and Quadrant Cleaning the whole house was clean by Saturday.

This allowed us to have more fun with our family. By the time I figured this out, my children were pre-teen and teen. They were growing bigger than me, so they were more than physically capable of helping. We have four family members that’s why I decided to break the cleaning up into four sections. When our oldest went off to school we began Trisects instead because there were now only three of us.

The way it works

The way it works is each family member gets a new quadrant every Sunday night. Mix up the sections so the same person doesn’t get stuck cleaning the tougher areas such as the kitchen every week. Each person has until noon the following Saturday to clean their section of the house. (or the time that works for your family) Everything is spelled out room by room with specific instructions and laminated for easy checking the done tasks. This helps to delegate and not micromanage. By letting go of perfectionism (which is tough on kids) we free our brains up to a better quality of life. As long as there is an honest effort, that is what matters.

The work gets done and now your Saturday is open for anything other than cleaning! There is far less frustration, everyone is participating in team-building work and your house is clean to keep you safe from germs.

Quadrant cleaning is simple. Just figure out how many rooms you have, and divide by four. Depending on how many bathrooms you have, each person should only have one bathroom or a kitchen.

We have 3 floors, so Trisects is even easier. Each person gets a floor.

Are there only two of you? Split the rooms in your home and divide them by two.

If you are the only person that does the cleaning, no worries. Still divide the house preferably into 4. Try to complete one quadrant each day.

Now that you have your home sectioned, chunk your time into an hour a day. If you don’t have a solid hour, break your time up into 2 half-hours a day time slots.

The last thing that I found makes house cleaning SO much easier, is a cleaning bucket, vacuum, and mop on every floor. Nothing is more exhausting than toting all of that stuff from the basement up and downstairs. Tuck your cleaning products away in a closet or off in a corner somewhere. Once a month check and restock your supplies. Everything has a place and everything in its place. You are not running all over trying to find the necessities to get your cleaning done super fast.

Daily tasks should still be:

1. Throw a load of laundry in, drying and putting away.

  1. Wipe down kitchen counters, put dishes in the dishwasher,

3. Take out the kitchen garbage and recycling after dinner.

  1. Do a 15-minute “sweep” of the house in the morning and evening, and put things in their place.

These are suggestions from trying many different ways of keeping my head above water over the years. These housekeeping tips have ultimately worked best for our family.

There is nothing wrong if your house isn’t perfect! Don’t miss TIME with your loved ones trying to keep it that way!

Do your best, try some different ways that help YOUR family and do what works.

Live your life, not someone else’s.


The Art of Quadrant Cleaning        Quadrant Cleaning

1. Fill in specific rooms for your quadrants

(Keep in mind it is best to chunk the quadrants together. Meaning rooms that somehow connect to one another.)

2. Under Tasks: Give SPECIFIC instructions for that particular room-

  1. Glass cleaner on mirrors
  2. Dust
  3. Polish Wood Furniture
  4. Vacuum
  5. Mop

3. Laminate each 4 Quadrants

4. Put on Clip Board (Dollar Store- FYI) with a Dry Erase Pen.

Dry erase markers work perfectly on laminated sheets. The environment thanks you!

5. The Family Meeting

  1. Have a Family Meeting to explain the Quadrants and why it is important for families to help one another.
  2. Tell the family members participating in the deadline for completion. (For us it is noon on Saturday)
  3. Determine if you will give a reward for completion such as extra video game time, pizza night, going to the park, etc.
  4. Also, determine what the consequence of not doing their quadrant will be. Such as NO video game time (this has always been a biggie for us!- They get it done!!)

Last, of all- Hand out a new Quadrant at the beginning of each week.

Realize that there is no perfection. It will take time to get a good flow going.

And that is OK!!!

I have never been a huge fan of allowance. I believe in Family Contribution. After all, when they are grown with a spouse, no one is paying them to do the dishes, but that is what family does for each other. They are to look out for one another’s needs and not just their own. I do believe in a board with a list of odd jobs to earn money. Teaching children how to handle their money at a young age is important and often not taught in schools.

Here are the tools I use

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