Meal Planning for the Woman that Hates to Cook Now

Meal Planning for the Woman who hates to cook


Meal Planning for the Woman that Hates to Cook

Whether your children are going back physically to an in-room class setting, learning virtually from home, or both, getting organized can be very challenging.  Routine is beneficial and important for your kids and your sanity! Getting dinner on the table has never been my most favorite activity. (We all have our gifts and talents.) Honestly, with age, I have enjoyed cooking a little less each year. The reality is, I love my family, and eating is a necessary component of natural health. Therefore, I am constantly looking for ways to beat the system!

After a couple of decades of family dinners and seriously trying everything short of a professional chef, here is what has worked for me.

Make a Plan

  • It keeps you healthier.
  • It SAVES money!!
  • It reduces frustration at dinner time.

Consider the website All Recipes. It is simple to use and very helpful in planning your meals.

  • Search by ingredients feature
  • Save Your Recipes all in one convenient place.
  • It makes a grocery list for you.

Order Your Groceries!

(if possible) Our area has offered grocery delivery for a very long time.

  • It’s convenient
  • it SAVES money
  • it saves your time
  • it gives a job to someone

I have been having our groceries delivered mostly for 17 years. It started when my youngest was born with major health complications. The convenience, money saved, and time saved are huge for me. I shop while I watch a tv show. It’s online shopping with a purpose. It also gives a job to someone. The money saved is amazing. You set a budget; if you go over your budget, you remove items. When I go to the store, I inevitably impulse buy and spend money on either unhealthy or unnecessary items.

Shop Aldis.

I found Aldi’s when we had heard of teenage boys hanging out at our house to swim or be in the music studio my oldest had in our home. I was constantly refilling the fridge. Someone told me about Aldi’s. I was a skeptic! After all, we were Bougie Whole Food Shoppers before anyone knew what organic was!  It was a unique experience. Everyone that shops Aldis knows you need a quarter to get your cart, and your quarter comes back to you when you return your cart. You also have to bag your own groceries at the provided counter. The benefits of shopping at Aldis are worth it!

  • Aldis brand typically has less added sugar and artificial ingredients.
  • The stores carry fewer items, which cuts down decision fatigue.
  • You can order online through Insta Cart.
  • You save a TON of money!

Seriously!! When we started saving SO much on grocery bills, it inspired me to cut the fat out of all of our bills. Shopping at Aldis got us a much nicer car! True story.

Slow Cooker

Honestly, I love my slow cooker. I did own an Insta Pot, but I gave it to my neighbor. I know there is a lot of shock and aw happening right now. If you love your Insta, I’m not judging, sister! Why do I love and stand by my slow cooker? It has simply worked for me forever. Because we work from home, it smells so good! It simmers all day and fills the house with homecooked. Like I actually cooked, but I didn’t! I have more time in the morning before I start work.

I throw dinner in and put it on low, and go about my day. I add a salad to balance the meal. Also, because I am a vegetarian, and my family is meat-eaters, a slow cooker portion provides plenty of leftovers for lunches or dinners over the next couple of days.


We have tried Blue Apron, Freshly, Sun Basket, and Hello Fresh. They all have their pros and cons. The biggest con with subscriptions is you still have to cook!

Hello Fresh is my family’s favorite delivery. It stands out on

  • Delicious
  • Healthy
  • Affordable…ish (grocery shopping is cheaper)
  • Zero Food Waste

HelloFresh also offers 2 and 4 person plans and 3, 4, or 5 meals a week. Just enough to get through the crazy work week.

My family has settled on the Family Friendly version of HelloFresh. We love the taste, and it offers plenty of options for a well balanced week of meals. The portions are generous, which gives lunch for my husband the next day. Most importantly, I don’t have to think about it!! The time and mental fatigue that goes into figuring out what’s for dinner is my favorite benefit of HelloFresh!

At the end of the day, many of you may LOVE to cook and that is great! Really! You may even have spouses that love to cook so you don’t have to. Even better! But, if you’re tired of thinking about food and frustrated getting dinner on the table, then I hope you can try some of my suggestions to streamline your dinner and save time and money. If your meals are not Food Network worthy on a table designed by HGTV, don’t worry that doesn’t’ make you a bad mom, wife, or woman! In the end, if you still can’t get dinner on the table- there is always take out!

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