Get accountability!!!

Get accountability!!!

We are not meant to be alone. Ask a trusted family member, friend, colleague or clergy person to help hold you accountable. If you pick someone who has mentioned the same goal, YOU can inspire them. You become the teacher as you are learning. You are far more likely to stick to working the plan.

Immediate goals

Create change

Inspire ourselves

Boost our self-confidence

Get us doing anything else besides mindlessly dulling your senses on screens.

Accountable to Ourselves and Our Loved Ones

**In the words of the great Robin Sharma “Average people watch TV. Leaders learn.” YOU are learning right now by reading The Good Difference. (Great job!) Don’t get me wrong, I really like TV! Some entertainment is fine, but if you are binge-watching TV, living on your phone playing games, you have to ask yourself why. We all find ways to numb ourselves from pain in our lives. Some drink, some take prescription drugs, some eat too much and others numb themselves with social media, tv’s, and the internet. All of these devices can be used in GOOD ways! YouTube is the bomb for learning or inspiring! There is almost nothing you can not learn on YouTube now. It can also be a massive time suck if you are watching nothing that enhances your life. FaceBook is great to connect you with your family and friends that you don’t live near. If you are using it to try to relive your glory days of high school, it will destroy your marriage and your family and your current relationships. Cell phones are mini computers that help us streamline our lives efficiently if we use them correctly. If we are constantly texting more than our kids, bringing our phones to the dinner table or looking at them instead of paying attention to the people literally right in front of us, our relationships will suffer. TV has some wonderful shows and movies that we can watch with our families, but obviously, there is a lot of garbage on them too. Life is short. It really is. We need to quit wasting time numbing ourselves and get busy LIVING our lives.

Choose to DO

We become what we repeatedly do. If you want to break bad habits, (All habits are choices) we must CHOOSE to make up our minds and DO what we set out to do. There are a million different ways to gain head knowledge. There are a ton of blogs!!! I know this is not rocket science, BUT I challenge you to make a decision to take these steps and DO them. Why? Next year at this time, YOU will finally have achieved many of your dreams, big and small. You will be living so much closer to what it is you wished for. Quit looking for more information and get doing. Work your plan. I believe in you!! Do these 3 Goals this month and you will begin to believe in yourself. For some-again. For others for the very first time.



Some tips to help you to stick with it this week

Establish a daily routine and stick to it.

Do it every day!

If you slip up, don’t quit! It’s ok. Simply recognize it and start again.

Commit to living like you have already succeeded

Don’t be your own worst enemy

Don’t make excuses! You are not a victim. You CAN do this!!

5 am- wake up ( I know I lost half of you here)

Pick a time, but make it early. Successful people do not sleep half the day away.

Drink a full glass of water before your coffee (You have become super dehydrated overnight and that will make you exhausted) Hydrate those cells!

Exercise- Have to admit. I hate it. BUT. It is too good for us. If you don’t exercise now, start with 10 minutes a day. Seriously. 10 will lead to 15 and 15 to 20 and so on.

Give up negative people, images, and music. Replace with positive people who encourage and love you, happy images and music.

Learn!! Learn a lot. Read. Watch and listen to motivational people, TED Talk, and sermons. Do this while you cook dinner for the family, driving in your car, showering for work, folding laundry. These tasks have to be done anyway. Why not turn it into focused learning for your Goals?

Eat well.

Jennifer Anniston said it best “Don’t eat sh%*!!” How true is this? No one is forcing you to eat highly processed, chemical induced food. BUT. The very wealthy companies will be more than happy to get you addicted to them. Learn how to break your carb and sugar addictions. There are a million different pieces of advice on this. Think about it. Is a highly processed cookie going to give you the same fuel for your mind and body as a chemical-free organic apple? Absolutely not. Just like drugs your sugar will start to plummet. 15-20 minutes after that cookie, you will need your fix for more sugar. The apple will give you a feeling of satisfaction and keep you full for some time.

Sleep well. This is a tough one for most people. Go to the Good Health section and start incorporating some of the ideas to help you sleep better.

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