Focus – Many consider themselves great multi-taskers.


Need help focusing? 5 simple ways for better focus


1.) Make a list

Planning is not for everyone. I get that. In the beginning, keep it simple. If you are not a planner, or you are a free spirit, don’t try to micromanage every second of your day. Leave room for life! Its ok to start with three things that you want to accomplish. Write a list the night before. Place it next to your coffee pot for a morning review.

2.) Have space

I do not have a huge house, and space is limited. I have to think out of the box. I once had my office in a small walk-in closet. It was adorable. I had a desk, tiny bookshelf, extension cable to run my lamp, computer and phone. Most importantly it had a door. (Clearly, if you are closet phobic or 6 foot tall, this may not be ideal for you.) The point is, if you are like me, it is difficult to think straight with lots of distractions.

Do you have a space to create? Write? Think?

You can also have a traveling desk. Travel. Is it beautiful outside? Go there. Is the family downstairs and you need to work? Go upstairs. Or go to the library.

3.) Beautiful Mind Study Music

This is probably my favorite focus tool ever!! Prepare to become hypo focused on just about anything. I use this for doing finances. If my kids have a big homework project or even if I am trying a new recipe with too many steps, I use this music to help focus. This is brilliant.

4.) Avoid Distractions

Turn off your notifications on your phone, emails and social media when you are focusing in on a task. The slightest chime, ding or tweet can totally lead you astray to accomplish what you set out to do. The next thing you know you are knee deep in emails or in group chats with your girls on What’s App. Set yourself up for success. Turn it all off and dedicate some fully focused time to accomplish your goal.

5.) Focus on

Many consider themselves great multi-taskers. Many times we have to be. The truth is if multitasking is not going to be as productive for work that requires a lot of thought. Zone in and get it done! It takes less time and energy than trying to do 10 different things at one time. The quality of your work will be far better.


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