Dry Brushing Detoxifies

Posted On January 3, 2020

Dry brushing

What is it and Why You Want to Do It

You may not have heard of dry brushing.  Dry brushing is not for your hair. It is for your SKIN.

There are many benefits of dry brushing.


Skin is our largest organ. Dry skin will keep your body from detoxing properly. By removing dry skin, your pores are open to breathe. Your body sweats toxins out of your body while making your lymphatic system healthier. Dry brushing will decrease body odor as your body begins to detoxify itself better on a daily basis.

Help reduce cellulite-

I know. I know. We have been told everything works to make that magic happen and been lied to over and over again. Dry brushing is not a magic pill. You have to consistently do it to see results but it really does work. Cellulite is fat cells storing toxins. (I know- gross)

Decongests pores and gives and healthy glow-

As you start your new daily habit of dry brushing, your skin will take on a beautiful youthful glow. Your lymph system is working better, you are improving blood flow which nourishes your skin and you will begin to hear the magic words “You look younger”.

Helps alleviate ingrown hairs on legs

As we age, we begin to battle with ingrown hairs on our legs from shaving. Dry brushing wipes them out before they begin by removing the dead skin and opening up our pores.

How to Dry Brush-

Once daily (Twice if you can, but I’m a realist) Stand in the shower (No water)

  1. Buy a Dry Brush. Only use a NATURAL bristle brush.
  2. Start at the top of your feet. Take long multiple strokes working always toward      your heart. (Please do be gentle) Your skin will be sensitive at first
  3. The order I like to Dry Brush


legs (front and back)


fingertips up front and back of arms

breasts (avoid the nipples ladies!)


back (Need a long handle brush

***About the Neck and Face- If you choose to include these areas, you want a FACE brush

I am including my favorite Youtube Dry Brushing Tutorial (She keeps it simple)


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