Daily Habits for Wellness

Habits for Wellness

Create Daily Habits for Wellness


As humans, we all have the same necessities for a healthy body.

For example, we know that eating well, taking vitamins, exercising, and drinking water are all critical. The truth is, we all struggle in different areas at different times throughout our lives. I don’t believe there is any such thing as a one size fits all health and wellness plan.

No one knows your body better than you. The problem is, if you are like me, sometimes you forget to listen to what your body is telling you. Maybe it’s saying more fruits and veggies, but instead, you’ve started into some bad eating habits these last few months. (Junk food is an excellent way to “self-medicate” in a pandemic.) Or maybe you know you should be walking and or doing yoga, but the only energy you can seem to muster up is another Netflix binge.

Even if we aren’t in a pandemic, there are times our energy is good, and we are zipping through life. Other times we take a shower only to put another set of pj’s on and realize it’s only 5:30 pm! Putting dinner on the table seems like an impossibility.

Things for me seem to change seasonally. (Except for my hair color and furniture arrangements. Those changes occur MUCH more frequently:)

Please subscribe and download your PDF Wellness Tracker.

Before filling it out, consider the following:

1. What is working with your health, and what isn’t?

2. What are some small daily steps you could take this week to change?

3. What season is coming up next?

a. For example: if it is flu and cold season, consider ways to improve your immune system!

b. Will the days be shorter? Will you wake up to darkness soon? Consider a Seasonal Affective Disorder Light!! (Mine is gearing up ready to go)

4. If you hate to exercise, what is the one thing that could be fun for you that could get you moving?

a. Walking, even when it’s cold, is so good for our bodies and minds. Could start that good habit TODAY help you have a great routine come the next season?

b. Maybe you wish you had more muscle and flexibility, but it seems impossible to you. It’s not! Our bodies are SO forgiving, and muscle memory is a thing!  Some 80-year-old bodybuilders could put any 20 years old to shame.

5. Consider supplements and powders.  Your Super

a. I have hit the jackpot in finding YOUR SUPER! Honestly, I will never suggest anything I don’t believe in and have personally tried. If you haven’t heard of these products, they are amazing. I feel better, my skin looks better, and I have more sustained energy than I have in years. Truly! Add them to everything and anything. Your body will be a better version of itself.

b. The other powder I add to food and my morning coffee is Dr. Axe’s Ancient Collagen! I had a knee injury recently and continuous pain for some time. Gone and after less than a week of taking this stuff!

6. Meditation and Quiet Time is a biggie on my list!

a. These practices do not take a massive chunk of time, but how my day will go is primarily due to this quality time. If I don’t check in with God, stop to pray for others, read scripture and just be still, I am sorry to say that you will not meet the best version of me that day.

b. A simple cup of tea is meditative. Boiling the water, waiting for it to steep, and sipping as not to burn your tongue, is keeping you present at the moment.

c. Guided Meditation practices for beginners are everywhere. Apps are the best place to start.

7. WATER! Of course, I have included water AGAIN. Water is cheap, it’s easy and doable. Water is the very most important habit we should all be taking seriously. Besides, remember, there are whole groups of people and children that have no access to it. We can’t survive without it, and the benefits are priceless.

Create Daily Habits For Wellness

1.     Write a rough draft for your Daily Wellness.

2.     Listen to your body; you probably already know what the top 3 are.

3.     Download Your Daily Wellness PDF.

4.     Print it

5.     Fill it out

6.     Laminate it

7.     Get to it! You’ve got this.



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