Clean Out the Clutter in Your Mind

Clean Out the Clutter in Your Mind


We all have “have to’s” in life. This exercise is about focusing on our “wishes”. Write down all your “I wish” statements. Guess what? Once you do. Your wishes just became goals. Goals are a whole different being. A goal, my friend, by definition is – “the result or achievement toward which effort is directed; aim; end.” See that? A result or achievement! Goals aren’t “wishy-washy.” Goals are DIRECTED achievement. 

Grab a napkin, a piece of notebook paper, whatever. It doesn’t have to be Pinterest worthy. (Although- I like pretty things myself…Just saying) Just start writing. Make a random list of your wishes. Write everything that comes to your mind from cleaning the laundry room to finally writing that blog! (Oh wait. Sorry. That’s me.) Write it all. Even if it doesn’t seem important. You can sort these thoughts into categories at a later time. Post it where you can easily add to it throughout the week.

The purpose of this exercise is to begin to clean out the clutter in your mind and create room for new ideas. This is the beginning of becoming unstuck.  In writing everything down, you are now not just a talker or a thinker. You are a doer. You can begin to sort your ideas into areas of importance. As well as get rid of all the clutter that really doesn’t matter and is taking up valuable space. Doers hit their targets. If they miss, they aim again until they achieve their goal.

Start writing.


Examples of Wishes

Cleaning out the clutter in your mind
  • Clean out our house
  • Get my kids playing fewer video games
  • Be debt free
  • Start saving for college
  • Eat healthier
  • Volunteer once a week
  • Spend more time with friends
  • Get a new job


  • Rekindle my marriage
  • Lose 25 pounds
  • Clean the kitchen drawer
  • Read more
  • Learn to dance
  • Go to Italy
  • Get my Masters
  • Learn more about…

** Bonus- Cultivate an attitude of gratitude!

Create a Gratitude Journal. Every day, write three new things you are grateful for.

Why? Gratitude changes our attitude.  If we are filled with negativity, jealousy, and a bad attitude, it will hold us back from reaching our goals. A bad attitude can lead to depression. When we are feeling bad, we are very unlikely to be motivated to change anything in our lives. By asking ourselves every day, what we are grateful for, we can’t help but be transformed in our minds and in our hearts.


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