Why Fall Is A Great Time to Make Changes

Change Inspires Change

Hopefully, you have started your journey of goal setting. A few things should have started to happen. Change Inspire Change! First, you took your first step to changing your life for the better and wrote your list. (Great job friend!) Also, you should find yourself starting to think a little differently. Maybe instead of binge watching as much Net Flix, you picked up a book or listened to an inspirational podcast. Maybe you picked up an apple instead of a bowl of ice cream. Maybe you started to feel a shift in your negativity. Maybe none of this happened (besides writing your list of course), but your life has changed. Your wishes are officially goals. Mentally, you have cleaned out the clutter in your mind that has just been hanging there for months or years.

Wish List

After composing your wish list, the next step towards change is taking it and breaking it down into obtainable action steps. Most importantly… It is time to DO. …DO. Not just talk or think. You have this in you. Simplify your list so you can start putting it into action.

Turn your thoughts into action

Change inspires change. I firmly believe this. I have seen it many times in myself and others. If my husband and I give a woman a total hair makeover, she feels more confident. The next thing she does is update her makeup or her wardrobe. Those small changes make her confidence soar. Next, she is trying a new hobby, or advancing her career. Maybe she is working out or losing weight. People that know me, know that I love change! (Just not with my husband or my kids:) I love to change my hair, move furniture around, paint a room a different color. Once we realize that it is our thoughts holding us back, we can turn our thoughts into action!

Change Inspires Change

An action is REQUIRED. We are not making resolutions friend. (The average resolution lasts 12-14 days…DAYS!) We are changing our patterns, and we are accomplishing tasks that have plagued us for a very long time. Short term goals set and accomplished- change your thought pattern. You will be inspired. Most importantly, you will prove to yourself that you CAN. Remember that we are moving one step at a time. Please take time to feel good about each small step you take. Don’t just run by without noticing your accomplishments! Short term goals lead to long-term success. You no longer are a bi-stander, my friend. YOU are a player.

Short-Term Goals

I like to chunk my short-term goals together in threes. If I try to do more than three, everything begins to get murky and I quickly lose my focus. Which ultimately leads to a feeling of defeat. Which then, of course, leads to self-doubt and eventually a fast downward spiral to giving up. Write your reasons WHY you will accomplish these three goals. How will this goal better your life or the life of your loved ones? How will it help you achieve your long-term goals? Even if it is as simple as “I don’t have to worry about it anymore” or “It will show me I have self-discipline.” Knowing why we want to achieve a goal will drive us towards action steps to get started.


To help you simplify your wish list, I have included a printable to narrow your three short-term goals you will start with. After you complete the three, simply print out another and list your next three goals.

I pray that you find yourself realizing that Change Inspires Change and that you are capable of so much more than you give yourself credit for.


Breaking Bad Habits

Goal setting successfully has a lot to do with breaking bad habits and replacing them with good ones. We become what we repeatedly do. If you want to break bad habits, (All habits are choices), we must CHOOSE to make up our minds and DO what we set out to do. There are a million different ways to gain head knowledge. There are a ton of blogs!!! I know this is not rocket science, BUT I challenge you to decide to take these steps and DO them. Why? Next year at this time, YOU will finally have achieved many of your dreams, big and small. You will be living so much closer to what it is you wished for. Quit looking for more information and get doing. Work your plan. I believe in you!! Start to put action to your goals and you will begin to believe in yourself. For some-again. For others for the very first time.

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