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Don’t Let Your Past Stall your Present

Don’t Let Your Past Stall your Present   Letting go of the past can be a difficult task to achieve. Just when I feel life is going great and I’m gaining momentum in an area, it’s interesting that inevitably something I am not proud of from my past pops into my...

Love Thy Neighbor Social Distancing

How to Love Thy Neighbor while Social Distancing My dad always said, "No good deed goes, unpunished." While I always thought this was very pessimistic, the older I get, the more truth I find. For example, two weeks ago, I noticed that my next-door neighbors (they are...

Want to Make More Money

Want to Make More Money Man. How many Pinterest pins, articles, videos, and websites start with that line? What if you actually could make more money, but more importantly, fulfill a promise all at the same time? For years like many couples, my husband and I fought...

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