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Food For A Good Mood

Food For A Good Mood   Let me start by saying, I understand that the world is very intense right now! Now more than ever, what you watch and listen to a matter.  Did you know that what you EAT can contribute to a good or bad mood? If you are out of energy most of...

How to remove itchy, flaky patches on scalp

Remove Itchy Flaky Patches Other than being itchy and flaky, why does oil build up matter? You can begin to experience hair loss from oil build-up. Really and truly. The most extreme case I’ve seen recently was a new referral that came in. She was devastated at the...

Dry Brushing Detoxifies

Dry brushing What is it and Why You Want to Do It You may not have heard of dry brushing, but have you tried it?  What is it? Why should you care? Dry brushing is simply brushing your skin dry with a Dry Brush before showering. There are many benefits of dry...

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