Calm Your Mind

Calm Your Mind

Our world has increasingly become very noisy

Calm Your Mind

Our world has increasingly become very noisy.
Some of it is self- induced, and some of it is out of our control. Now more than ever, during COVID, we need to be careful what we let into our minds. We have a little more power to practice if we are sheltering in place; however, the temptation of watching the news non-stop or not practicing proper mental health procedures with less accountability is higher.

On the other hand, there are the first responders, patients, grocery store workers, and essential employees that are fighting for their lives right now. They have less control because they have no choice. Listening to rants and raves of news media and EVERYONE’S opinions will change our mood. It turns how we engage face to face with our loved one’ s.

Bad Habits

Just like every other bad habit, we do what we know, and we become what we do. I try to read the news once or twice a day. If I start or end my day with the tragedies of this world, I can almost guarantee, I will feel down. In truth, the ONLY thing I can do to make it better at this moment is (what I believe to be most important)- pray!
Sincerely, pray for the suffering, their families, and all of our courageous First Responders. Same with war, famine, and abuse. If I sit and watch the news hour after hour day after day, it cripples me from being effective to the people on my path that day.

There is GOOD news! There are small things we can all do to improve what we are letting in through what we listen to, and it is going to be different for everyone. I hope that each one of you finds a small takeaway from one or more of these suggestions.

Is it possible to cancel the noise so that we can hear our thoughts again? I believe it is. We have to be purposeful in this endeavor. We have to make

Calm Your Mind



  • Not all podcasts are excellent or uplifting.
  • Many are downright depressing and, well, not good.
  • Look through the categories and find an area of your life that you want to improve.
  • Try a couple of podcasts until you find one that fits.
  • I do recommend that you diversify in all things. Listen to different sources.


  • Listen to uplifting books while you commute or while you clean. There are
  • freebies on Audible if you are trying to economize.


  • Yes, there is an app for that.
  • I have a folder of my favorite pastor’s apps on my phone.
  • I believe if my thoughts go dark that learning more about God’s word from another’s perspective helps.
  • Everyone will have different theories about this, which I respect.
  • Listening to sermons is what works for me.

Ted Talks

  • I love Ted Talks. There is generally no ranting or raving, and you hear how incredible people are!
  • Ted-Talks bring out the best, not perfect people, but people have overcome challenges

 They are relatable and so inspiring.


  • I watch a lot of YouTube for Comedy.
  • I Laugh and laugh hard!!
  • I love late-night skits like Conan O’Brian, Kevin Hart Ice Cube, or Jimmy Fallon is so funny and talented. (I don’t necessarily like to watch all the interviews)
  • I also enjoy watching Hot Ones! A show where the interviewer serves a series of increasingly hot wings to the guest. * Depending on who they interview the language can be above PG-13

Tik Tok

  • Another way to find a good laugh is Tik Tok.
  • I have to confess my sons got me into Tik Tok videos.
  • I like the dance videos, funny kids and pets.
  • A plus with Tik Tok is most of the videos are under 15 seconds, so there is less guilt if I binge-watch.
  • In my opinion, the best one to follow is my kid:


  • My entire life is a soundtrack. I was always listening to music.
  • My brother had me listening to classic rock in my crib.
  • Honestly, when I was younger and going through some stuff, I realized, later on, the music I was listening to was super dark and depressing. So as you have already guessed it, so was my mood.
  • Now I try to keep it light and change it up.
  • Dig deep into YOUR soundtrack.
  • Play some stuff from the happy times in your life or try a new type of music altogether.


  • The Sound of Silence
  • Sometimes, we need to learn to be quiet with our thoughts, and sometimes we need to try not to listen at all! Meditate.
  • The science behind how meditation is good for us is growing!
  • Most of us have a hard time with this one.
  • Practice makes perfect.
  • Feel free to let negative thoughts come and then recognize them and let them go quickly.
  • Starting with 5 minutes a day is all it takes and gradually increase a minute a day until you reach 10- 20 minutes. (Transcendental Meditation practitioners believe 20 minutes twice a day is ideal.)

Meditation Apps

  • Smiling Mind
  • I like this app. It is free, and this Non Profit organization is hoping to improve our mental health. It makes meditating super easy!
  • Calm is another great app! is not free like Smiling Mind, but very affordable at $5.83 a month.
  • It has beautiful sounds and pictures. The Calm App has lots of options to help you get closer to your goals through meditation.


LISTENING to things encourages us to LISTEN and not just speak. Truthfully people want to draw close to people that hear what they are saying and not just hearing their opinions. They can get that anywhere. I find that I can get so much accomplished while listening to uplifting and engaging things. Not only is my mood better, but also my heart. My house is cleaner for it and my mind is calm and peaceful.

Calm Your Mind, here are some of my favorite products:

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