The Art of a Good Night Sleep

The Art of a Good Night’s Sleep

Okay. I can hear you now. What the heck does a good night’s sleep have to do with goal setting? Well. For starters. Everything! One of the most common complaints I hear from people is about not sleeping well. There are so many tips to help with this. Some of them you have probably already heard. I believe a few of these suggestions will be new to you. We are often caught in a vicious cycle of trying to catch up. We overcompensate with multiple cups of coffee or energy drinks that rejuvenate us for a while only to send us crashing into our next cup. If you are not sleeping, you will not have the energy to be plowing through your goals tomorrow. Also, lack of sleep affects our physical and mental health.  Building these habits will lead to GOOD night sleep. The energy that you receive in sleeping is everything in being a goal conqueror! 

The Caffeine Cut Off.

I would NEVER tell you to cut your coffee completely. (It’s my last vice left in life:) I would recommend you not have a cup past 2 pm. The average cup of coffee takes approximately six hours to leave your system. If you are still gulping it down after 2, you can bet it will affect your sleep. You may fall asleep, but getting good quality sleep will be unlikely.

Create a Cold Dark Cave

The ideal sleeping temp varies for us, but it has been found that anywhere between 60 and 67 degrees seem to be the sweet spot. Now, for all, you married couples out there. You have to work with your spouse because I am guessing that you have different ideas on this. If one likes it warmer, simply put more blankets on that side of the bed. Work together! You will both benefit from a good night’s sleep! Next, your room should be DARK! I’m talking blackout shades or curtains here people! Yes, that includes the little light glaring on you from your TV.(Which should ideally not be in your room at all, but let’s get serious here.) If you creatively put your electronic devices on easy access power switches, simply turn them off at night. The EMF’s are not good for your sleep either. (Electromagnetic Fields- that is a story for another day.) The simplest way to explain it is electricity wires you up.

White noise

The electricity that I make an exception for in my room is my “Sound Machine”. No ocean waves for me. I love my white noise. We live on a busy road, and that little sound machine blocks it all. It’s a beautiful thing! So much so, that I travel with mine. Some hotel chains are starting to put them into their hotels. I highly recommend the DOHM machine. I have had mine forever. This is the one. Every bedroom in the house should have one. Don’t think just because your kids go to sleep on time, that they are having quality sleep. If your child or teen can barely function in the morning, it is possible they have not slept well either.

Orange is the New Blue

Most people already know that screen time should be switched off 1-2 hours before going to sleep. (You have the knowledge, and you are the only one that can make this happen.) But did you know that by wearing blue light blocking glasses in the evening can greatly improve the quality of your sleep? My husband and I both do this. (The glasses make us look a little like Bono of U2…) It has seemed to improve our sleep! I know these glasses are a little unorthodox, but give them a try. I really think there is something to this! We wear them in the evening and also during the day when we are doing a lot of work on our computers. I’ve included the pack that I purchased. It’s a 2 pack of glasses (one for me and one for him) and these can be worn over glasses or by themselves. I highly recommend checking them out and would never recommend something I don’t believe in. Remember, like anything in life, give it a reasonable amount of time to reap the true benefits. 

Quit Binging Junk Late at Night

This probably doesn’t need an explanation. I myself am guilty of destroying a bag of chips late at night. You are what you eat and it will affect your sleep. Ever have nighttime heartburn or upset stomach? Not to mention anything sugary is going to fire you up. If you are starving before bed, consider snacking on small amounts of protein. Think Walnuts, String cheese, Greek yogurt. Also, a new one to me that I am going to try, is RICE…? There is a belief that rice can improve your sleep by up 46% by helping increase Melatonin production. Sounds easy enough.

Sleep is so much more important than most of us think it is. If you are not having GOOD, deep, quality sleep, maybe consider trying some of these ideas to help improve your sleep. And of course, I wish you a very Good Night!

Get to Bed!

Remember when you were a kid and you had a parent telling you to go to bed on time? Now maybe you ARE the parent telling your kids to go to bed on time? Are you disciplined enough with your own bedtime? By now, you are hopefully creating your Good morning routine. You have picked a time and are getting up early. (?) You should find yourself getting tired a little earlier at night. If you are like me, you are trying to squeeze in your favorite shows. OK fine. BUT. If you keep letting NetFlix automatically go to the next episode, it is time to stop the madness. Pick a bedtime that works for you and…Here it comes. It is pretty radical. STICK to it! Make it a priority. Stick to your sleep schedule all week long. Let your body enjoy its natural rhythm. You will not be sorry! Plus. It makes your episodes last longer:) More to enjoy for a longer period of time.

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