About Me


My name is Cristine Millstein. My hometown is Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. (Which I mention on a daily basis) It will always be home to me… I was born to John and Jeanne Mullen. Truly the most giving big-hearted people on the planet. (I am VERY blessed in that department.)



I moved to the Washington DC area close 19ish years ago, where I am simply Cris. I married the love of my life Richard. We have two sons, Matthew and Michael. I love my guys!!



I have worked as a hairdresser for 25 years, 20 of those as a colorist. I’ve had the privilege to own and operate, a small salon with my husband. We also own and operate a hair extension business called Extend USA where we teach hairdressers how to do our technique. Richard and I created a product line named Cris Richards. We have traveled the world teaching about hair.



The truth? As fun as doing hair color is, it’s not my passion. My passion is people. That’s it. I want to help as many people as possible while I am on this Earth. I’ve worked with A LOT of people over the years. We have so much in common! We have the same basic needs. The most basic is love and acceptance. And guess what. The more together a person LOOKS means absolutely nothing. (Take it from yours truly) That person struggles with insecurities too. Simple good changes and habits will promote a life that brings more fulfillment, good health, good relationships, and joy. I want to be a GOOD DIFFERENCE in this world

Love, Cris



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