A Weekly Cleaning Schedule for a Beautiful Home

Weekly Cleaning Schedule

Weekly Cleaning Schedule

You may be thinking a couple of things about creating a Weekly Cleaning Schedule. You may be thinking, “Oh great, another article about cleaning.” Or you may be thinking, “What does keeping a clean home have to do with the quality of my life?”

If either of these statements came into your head, I would ask that you keep reading. I believe that having and maintaining a clean, organized home is essential for you and your loved ones to thrive emotionally, creatively, academically, physically, and mentally.

Whether you have a one-bedroom apartment or twelve bedroom mansion, everything should have a place and put away back into that place after using it. Cleaning does not have to take a ton of time. A house that includes a daily cleaning schedule and a weekly cleaning schedule will make your life so much less stressful!

If you are looking around, thinking, “Where do I begin?” let’s continue with decluttering from last week, and then we will continue to set up a weekly cleaning schedule.

Clearing the Kitchen and Bathroom Clutter

Last week we talked about removing items from your home that did not bring joy to you or served no purpose and giving them to someone who will appreciate them. The same goes for multiples, things you never use. Let’s be honest. How many of the same items do we need? If you put household items away, you know where to find them the next time. That way, you don’t have to rummage through drawers of too much stuff looking for something.

The Kitchen and Bathroom Weekly Cleaning Schedule

Kitchen gadgets, crazy amounts of pots and pans, mixing bowls, and silverware are an excellent place to start. If you are like me and have a kitchen smaller than most people’s walk-in closets, square footage is essential to function. It’s nice most of the time to have a small kitchen. It is far easier to clean and contain the scientific-like experiments that explode all over when I cook.

I feel great in a place that has a place for everything, or I am going to take one look at that mess and say, “Let’s order take out.” (every night!) It would be lovely if our health and bank account could handle it. So, I need counter space, not many things to cook with (I mean, I am a far cry from Julia Childs) and my TV. Yes. I said it. I binge-watch a show, and it keeps me “inspired” to cook. My husband put a small flatscreen on the wall. He likes to EAT!

Start with ONE drawer. Clean it out while you wait for potatoes to boil or chicken to bake

Then take it on a shelf the next day. Keep a box or laundry basket somewhere to throw excess items in; While watching your favorite show, of course. After a week or two, you have created a Weekly Cleaning Schedule,  decluttered your kitchen, and got dinner on the table! Celebrate with taking out;)

The bathroom is another area of contention. Look, my husband and I are hairdressers. Beauty IS our business! At one time, the hair products alone could have swallowed us up in our bathroom and not to mention the lotions and potions for skincare! Years ago, we narrowed it down to the products we love. The beauty that comes with age knows what you like and what you don’t. Heavily fragranced products with artificial ingredients are a no-go. That cuts down on your choices pretty quickly, and like with most other things, we now choose quality over quantity.

Start with a box and put every hair and skincare product you no longer use or love into it. Now offer the box to friends and family. You will be surprised how quickly that box gets claimed!

A bathroom needs to be CLEANED weekly and the sink wiped down daily. (Keep the products under the sink to make them more comfortable.

Create a Home Spa Bathroom

  • Any bathroom can have a spa-like feel.
  • That way, every time you have to get ready for work, you start with a feeling of calm.
  • Roll your towels and washcloths
  • Put Epsom salts into pretty containers for baths
  • Add a naturally scented candle
  • Add music! -Think calming for a relaxing bath or upbeat dance music to get your day started!
  • Whatever your preferences, music helps.

Add an Inspiring Verse- The bathroom mirror is a great place to add a verse of scripture, a message to yourself of encouragement, reminders, or homework you need to memorize.

Hopefully, you are starting to gain some traction in your home. Maybe for the first time, or maybe things have just gotten out of control. The next thing we want to look at is your Weekly Cleaning  Schedule. I have tried everything out there, and this is the one that my household has settled on.

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