7 Things to Listen to that Make a GOOD Difference in Your Day

Posted On December 16, 2019

Our world has increasingly become very noisy

Some of it is self- induced and some of it is out of control. So- what’s a girl supposed to do? Is it possible to cancel the noise so that we can hear our own thoughts again? I believe it is. We have to be purposeful on this endeavor. We have to make a conscious decision to turn away from the negative noise and fill our souls with GOOD noise.

A Joyful Noise.  Listening to rants and raves of news media and EVERYONE’S opinions will change our moods. It changes how we engage face to face with our loved one’ s. Just like every other bad habit, we do what we know and we become what we do. If I start or end my day with the tragedies of this world I can almost guarantee, I will feel down. That is not fair to the people (actual people) in my life.

I can’t offer them the best version of me. If I fill my life with inspiring people that overcame challenges, engaging books that require me to THINK, and music that quenches my soul to the core…How can I not be a better version of myself? THOSE are the days I can pour out love on the people on my path. so here are some simple switches I made to make a GOOD difference in my life.


By all means. Not all podcasts are good or uplifting. In fact, many are downright depressing and, well, not good! Look through the categories and find an area of your life that you want to improve upon. Try a couple until you find one that fits. I do recommend that you diversify in all things. Listen to different sources.


Listen to uplifting books while you commute or while you clean.


Yes, there is an app for that. I have a folder of my favorite pastor’s apps.

Ted Talks

I love Ted Talks. There is generally no ranting or raving and you hear how incredible people really are. Ted Talks bring out the best for people. Not perfect people, but people have overcome challenges

Stand -up comedy

There are A ton of clean comedians on YouTube. Laugh and laugh hard!!


Of course!! My entire life is like a soundtrack. I was always listening to music. Honestly, when I was younger and going through some stuff, I realized later on, the music I was listening to was dark and depressing. So as you have already guessed it, so was my mood. Keep it light. Change it up. Dig deep into YOUR soundtrack. Play some stuff from the happy times in your life or try a new type of music altogether.

The Sound of Silence

 Sometimes we just need to learn to be quiet with our own thoughts. Most of us have a hard time with this one. Practice makes perfect. Try starting with 5 minutes a day and increase a minute a day until you reach 20 minutes. Feel free to let negative thoughts come and go quickly.

LISTENING to things encourages us to LISTEN and not just speak. Truthfully people want to draw close to people that hear what they are saying and not just hearing their opinions. They can get that anywhere. I can get so much accomplished while listening to uplifting and engaging things. Not only is my mood better, but also my heart. My house is cleaner for it and drives are calm and peaceful.

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