21 Simple ways to develop a relaxed mind

woman drinking tea, 21 Simple ways to develop a relaxed mind

21 Simple ways to develop a relaxed mind


1. Create the motto of mindfulness.

Remember each morning that your new life starts today, which allows you to move into the now and interact more profoundly with the present moment and detach yourself from my mind’s worries. This is highly effective in how you can calm your mind and focus.

2. Know your thoughts are not yours.

If there is a negative thought in your mind, just classify it as a “thought” or “feeling,” and move on. You’re not scorn or remorse, and you’re not frustrated or self-doubt. You’re independent and distinct from your emotions, so why dwell on them?

3. Understand that ideas come out naturally.

If you can’t change them, then why do you bother trying to replace them with “better” thoughts? Don’t beat yourself over anything that you can’t influence, but don’t ignore them either; just step past them and choose not to associate with them, even though they cloud your mind.

4. Respire.

Take a long nose breath, and breathe in through your mouth. It will help calm you down and remind you that your worries are a tiny part of the endlessly expansive universe that surrounds you.

5. Thank someone in every way that you can.

Only the simple act of saying “thanks” to a cashier can reconnect us to the present moment. It can also keep us from getting lost in our own thoughts, which prevents us from experiencing life as it comes.

6. Smile at a stranger.

Smiling helps to concentrate our attention outwardly on the people around us, and by reconnecting with this love towards others, we can relate more closely to the present moment and learn to simply be.

7. Go for a walk through nature.

Go for a stroll and blend into your surroundings, and listen to sounds you might otherwise have missed. This is how you can keep your mind healthy.

8. Keep in the practice of everyday appreciation.

Holding a log of appreciation helps to relieve us from the tension of the day. It also encourages one to enjoy life as it happens and to find the positive in every day.

9. Mute the phone all day.

You should also turn off the alerts from your phone, as these can interrupt you and take you away from the moment. The messages will later always await you until you’re able to go through them. Turning off your ringer will also stop any disturbance from clogging your mind and preventing you from having the peace of mind that you may have during the day.

10. Eat slowly.

Focusing on the texture and taste of what you eat will help you realize that while all emotions are fleeting, it’s important to really enjoy the moments as they come, rather than let them pass you by.

11. Drink some tea.

Tea will help relax your nerves and slow your mind down and more bind you to the present moment.

12. Take a bath.

Baths can help you relax by allowing you to step back from the hustle of the day, and they can be a perfect way to let your concerns disappear into the heat of the water.

13. Hear instrumental songs.

It’s known to improve your concentrating capacity, which can enhance your mind quality and help you relax when your thoughts do not stop coming.

14. Tackle with one of the most stressful issues on your to-do list.

While it is vital to be vigilant given the demands of your day, if it causes you unneeded anxiety, don’t avoid completing a challenging task on your list. For example, if you need to finish your taxes but keep putting them off, then finishing them could be useful to get rid of the frustrating thoughts that come from procrastinating.

15. Have an in-depth conversation with someone you know.

Focus entirely on the other person and listen to what he or she has to say. It will help pull you out of our own head and respond to the moment more profoundly in expressing respect to the person speaking to you.

16. Watch the series you like.

It is imperative to take out time from our day to reward ourselves, and indulging in a simple pleasure like watching a show that we like will help you move away from the worries and enjoy your free moments from the bustle of life.

17. Write a compelling poem.

It can push you to be imaginative in ways that free-form writing can’t do, and can help you recapture a fun yet brief moment in your life.

18. Do a puzzle word.

Crosswords will encourage the mind to be imaginative and improve the intellect, as well as your thoughts’ overall clarity. You can also provide a break from your everyday tasks while having fun doing it all.

19. Clean the dishes.

While you’re at it, doing the dishes can be a perfect way to take a break from life and still be successful. Cleaning dishes will make you feel better and take you away from your current thoughts, which can encourage your mind to relax and recover from the day’s stress.

20. Stare at the artwork that you love.

There’s nothing off the table here, whether it’s the Mona Lisa, a poem you like, or a painting that your spouse made. Art is subjective, and by expressing your respect for others’ work, it will make you feel and truly represent the moment and calm your mind and help you focus.

21. Pet a cat or dog.

Feel the fur under your hands, and feel the softness of their skin. Petting an animal will help to ease your stresses, bind you to the moment, and take you out of your thoughts. Occasionally we are so busy focused on ourselves that we fail to enjoy the moments that come. We get stuck in day-to-day constraints and the scope of our own ambitions, and we forget to enjoy the simplicity of life and the little things.

Being more attentive helps remind us that all good things come with time, and if you don’t appreciate life as it comes, there is no point working so hard. It helps you escape the stresses of your work.

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