Good Habits Make a Difference

Natural Health And Strong Faith For Women

Welcome to The Good Difference!

The Good Difference is where I share the good habits that have naturally helped me gain a healthier life.

 And the ones I found to make all of my “have to’s” at home and work much more manageable.

I’m growing healthier and embracing the unique woman God created me to be and hopefully inspiring some of you to do the same!

So, come on in!  Make yourself at home! I hope you find something good that will make a difference in YOUR life.

Welcome to my mid-life non-crisis.

Love, Cris

Four Simple Ways To Improve Your Health And Grow Your Faith In God


Natural Health | Living life as close to nature as possible in a very toxic world.
Learn how to steer clear of toxins in foods and household products. Think differently about where you shop and look for more ethically sourced products.
Increase your immune system by what you consume and how you treat your body.

Natural Beauty | The skin is your largest organ, and we slather toxins all over it on a daily basis. The beauty industry has done women dirty for a very long time.
Learn how hair and skin become beautiful from this inside out and what products will not increase your odds of disease.

Lifestyle | Learning to let go of materialism and increase your living! Live your life fully. Lessen stress and the burdens that you can. Simplify! More nature fewer screens. Develop deep relationships. Think quality, not quantity.

Faith | God created everything, including you. Find out His design and plan for your life, and live victoriously and joyfully by walking closer to Him! If you are exhausted by trying to do
it all, learn how you don’t have to! Include God in your plans and see how your life takes a turn for the better.

Natural Health

Natural Beauty