7 Things to Listen to that Make a GOOD Difference in Your Day

Our world has increasingly become very noisySome of it is self- induced and some of it is out of control. So- what’s a girl supposed to do? Is it possible to cancel the noise so that we can hear our own thoughts again? I believe it is. We have to be…

Our Good Father | Learning Trust

  Our Good Father Do you remember when you were taught to ride a bike? Or maybe you are a parent, and you have shown your child how to ride.I got one for Christmas one year, and I couldn’t wait to get out there! I had visions of jumping on my shiny new…

Dry Brushing Detoxifies

Dry brushing- What is it and Why You Want to Do It You may not have heard of dry brushing.  Dry brushing is not for your hair. It is for your SKIN. There are many benefits of dry brushing. Detoxifies- Skin is our largest organ. Dry skin will keep your body…

Love Thy Neighbor

Love Thy Neighbor   Next time you are sitting at a red light turning left, take a minute to notice the faces turning right around the bend next to you. On a busy morning, you see moms with kids in the back seat heading off to school, professional men and…


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The Good Difference is about simplifying your life

So here’s what makes The Good Difference… well, different.

I’ m not going to pretend I have all the answers for your life to reach perfection. There is no such thing in this world. Instead, you will find some suggestions to help you reign it all in. And guess what? It’s one thing to have head knowledge. It is a whole other being to put it into action. I am right there with you. We all have “have to’s” in life. For instance keeping up with the house, the yard, our spouse, children, extended families, friends, finances, health, jobs… Ok. Well, I am exhausted just listing it all. I’ll be back. COFFEE BREAK! The point is, we can streamline our lives to have more time for the “Want to’s”.

Why The Good Difference now?

I have talked and thought about this site for a VERY long time! Which is exactly why the time is now. I needed to take action and start putting my wishes into action! Time to change. Pursue something new. Create! Time to help more people achieve their goals and live life intentionally. Mostly- With purpose.

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